Real Men by Colt McCoy and Matt Carter

If you’re a football fan the name Colt McCoy is familiar. As a Texas ​Longhorn quarterback he set many school  records. Colt now plays for the Washington Redskins as a backup QB.

Matt Carter is Colt​’​s pastor. Their friendship has flourished through their love of hunting. If you’re trying to connect with guys that love the outdoors, this study is ideal.

  • The six-week study is framed around hunting and fishing: explore the essence and purpose of Biblical manhood.
  • Six lessons focus on the individual characteristics of being a man, including: leadership, faithfulness/trust, idolatry, work, pursuing your wife, and leaving a legacy.
  • Each week you start out with a simple group-​connecting activity followed by a 10 min video, the workbook guides you through group processing to finish off the time.

There is an individual men’s study book that I would highly recommend you check out. The weekly lessons are well done and fairly short​ ​​but add great value to the study.