Redeemed: A Picture and A Story

I’m a music slowpoke. I’m not sure how long the song Redeemed by Big Daddy Weave has been out, but I just listened to it for the first time last week and I can’t get it out of my mind. I play the song and video and worship the Redeemer. I think about my own life and celebrate what Jesus did for me, but I also worship and celebrate what He’s done in the lives of others. This picture tells a story… 

Notice, the tattoo says Redeemed. That’s a new tattoo and a new identity for Michael. Look closely…his hand is holding the hand of a doll, who’s holding the hand of another doll, whose hand is being held by a little girl, whose sister is holding her hand. On that same arm is tattooed the name of his wife and the mother of the girls.  

Friends, you are looking at a new man; 1 Corinthians 5:17 lived out. Last year at this time, this family was in trouble. Nearly ripped apart by bad decisions and a lifetime of running from God. But a man, surrounded by other men, ended his struggle and trusted the only One who could clean up the mess. His faith and the obvious transformation won over his skeptical wife too.  

Now, those men are walking with him in discipleship. Some ladies have rallied around his wife to encourage and disciple her. (She just attended a women’s retreat at their church.) The family attends church together regularly. A mommy and daddy love each other again. And that daddy, prompted by his precious daughters, prays a blessing over a tea party with two dolls. I can’t think of anything more manly! 

Redeemed indeed by the only God who saves. Thank God redeemed! 

By the way, this daddy has already made a commitment to join the men of his church at the Richmond Iron Sharpens Iron conference and has invited a friend to join him. He wants to be sharper. Do you? Will you be there? Who will you bring?  Find out more here.