Robert Lewis @ 10 Year Celebration! | I’ve told you everything |

Picture1Yes, Robert Lewis founder of Men’s Fraternity and Author of Raising a Modern Day Knight will be with us to celebrate Noble Warriors’ 10 Years of Building Men! Many men in the Noble Warriors community have been transformed by Robert’s practical, biblical wisdom.

Ladies, you’re invited to join us for this! So many female fans and friends of Noble Warriors have told me about how Men’s Fraternity changed their husbands. I hope you’ll come out to meet Robert and hear from him about the importance of investing in men.

Follow this link to join us to celebrate 10 Years of Building men on October 8th!

Read on for a lesson I’ve learned from Robert and applied to raising my sons 

Sadly, in the last few weeks I’ve had to tell two of my sons that I had reached the limit of my ability to answer their specific questions. I’m so thankful that they are willing to ask for my thoughts, input or wisdom but the secret, which I kept from them for so long, is now out. Dad doesn’t know everything.

Tim has to declare a major soon at West Point. He called to talk with me about some options. I ran out of legitimate intel pretty quickly and had to recommend some other men he could talk to.

Zach was invited to go dove hunting. I took him out to practice shooting so he could get the feel of my 12 gauge pump but I’ve never been dove hunting so I responded to many of his questions with, “I don’t know, you’ll have to learn from someone else, then explain it to me.”

These are humbling experiences for me but open great opportunities for my sons to learn from other men. This is something I learned to celebrate, appreciate and plan for through Raising A Modern Day Knight by Robert Lewis. Every man should cultivate a ‘cadre’ of other like-minded men who their sons are comfortable around. And when that day comes, that the son can’t or won’t talk to dad, or when dad has to say, “I’ve told you all I know,” there will be other men to whom a son can go.

I love this teaching and so many other practical things I learned from Robert Lewis about biblical manhood and raising sons! It’s been an absolute blessing to share Robert’s wisdom through Men’s Fraternity, Authentic Manhood 33, Raising a Modern Day Knight and other resources.

So, I hope you will join me and many from the Noble Warriors team to celebrate 10 years of Building Men! Robert will be our keynote speaker for the event on October 8th.

Click here for more information and to RSVP for the program and dessert as well as the optional BBQ Dinner.