Seven Men and the Secret of their Greatness

I know that not every guy likes to read or even has time to read. Let me make this suggestion. I purchased an MP3 version of Eric Metaxas‘ book Seven Men and the Secret of their Greatness just before a long road trip earlier in the fall. Zach (14) was going to join me and I thought it would be cool to listen to this book together. Wow! It was awesome. In the introduction to the book, Metaxas does a masterful job of pointing out that Christ is the ultimate model for manhood. Then, proceeds to give short biographies of seven men in history who in some way modeled a bit of what Christ demonstrated for us. Zach and I listened together intently and enjoyed rich conversations about Jesus and manhood along the journey. It was worth every penny and every minute to share those conversations with my son. (Tim and I will be listening to it this week as we drive back home from Texas!) Purchase MP3 here.