Shout Out to Women: ISI

Ladies, (yes, I know there are quite a few ladies who read Noble Notes) Valentine’s day is upon us. I’ll say something to your husbands below, but I thought I would suggest one gift you could give. Albeit probably not his favorite, I assume you know what that is, would be to encourage him to grow in his walk with Christ by participating in one of our Iron Sharpens Iron Conferences. You can check them out here.

I often hear from men, especially young dads, that they just don’t feel comfortable being away from home all day on Saturday. I get that. It’s a challenge because you want him to understand more about how to be a Godly man, wonderful husband and awesome dad, but you want and need him at home on Saturday. He feels that tension and often won’t even consider participating.

Here’s what I suggest. Release him. No, I don’t mean release him like you’re letting an animal out of a cage. I mean release him from the guilt of not being at home. Let him know that you’re supportive of him attending Iron Sharpens Iron with the men of your church. Work hard to not say those things that you could say or even use that tone that you could use or punish him the way you could punish him for being away. Encourage him to go and pray for him while he’s there. Pray that God will use His Word, other men, masculine worship, equipping workshops and fellowship with other men to make him a better man.

Here’s what I believe. I believe that if you ‘release’ him and pray for him, you’ll have a better man in the evening when he gets home. And, I’ll encourage him to ‘release’ you to engage spiritual growth opportunities as well.

Sound like a great Valentine’s Day gift for your man!