Single and Free to be Me – Clarence Shuler

I confess that most of our efforts in ministry to and through men focuses on the man who is married and has children. But the truth is, that’s not every man’s situation. Frequently, men ask “What about me, I’m single?”

Regardless of whether you’re single by choice or circumstances, God has a plan for your life. As a matter of fact, the Apostle Paul suggested that he wished more folks could be like him and be content and fulfilled in ministry as a single man.

In a podcast I listened to recently David Platt noted that most of the books about marriage focus on the problems associated with marriage, while many of the books about singleness are directed at helping you get married… which is when the problems appear.

Dr. Clarence Shuler will be with us as a keynote speaker for our Roanoke ISI Confernece on February 21st in just a few weeks. He is married, but as one who married later in life, understands the journey of singleness. In his book Single and Free to be Me Clarence addresses the issues head on.


Gary Chapman, New York Time Best-selling author of The Five Love Languages says, “In Single and Free to Be Me, Clarence Shuler challenges singles adults not to spend their lives ‘waiting’ but to invest their lives in meaningful pursuits every day. The decisions we make each day affect the rest of our lives. Make wise decisions and you assure yourself of the best possible life. I highly recommend this book.”

We’re excited to have Clarence with us and look forward to his ministry to all men during his keynote message. But we also believe that his workshop for single men will be a great impact opportunity!

Listen to Clarence on Family Life Today talking about “Contented Singleness”

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