Strategic and Intentional

Strategic and Intentional
Create, Capture, Sustain gives 5 fold increase in Men’s Engagement!

Bonsack Baptist Church hosted our first Roanoke ISI Conference. They were awesome partners for the event, but more importantly, they were serious about leveraging the event to strengthen their men. The strategy they used resulted in a 500% increase in the number of men involved in men’s small groups!

Yes, 500%! Who wouldn’t want that sort of growth? So, how’d they do that? They simply followed a strategy that we’ve been talking about for years. But it wasn’t our idea: It’s the No Man Left Behind Strategy by Man in the Mirror. Simply put… Create, Capture, and Sustain.

Create Value – Donnie Robbins and Al Moyer (Bonsack Men’s Guys) worked hard to mobilize over 70 men to participate in the conference.

Capture Momentum – This is where most leadership teams stumble. When guys have a great experience men will all say the same thing: “Wow, this is awesome! What are we going to do next?” Most teams spend so much effort to get the guys mobilized that they don’t consider the ‘What’s next?” question until they’re at the event. To their credit, Al and Donnie outlined a plan to launch several ‘Authentic Manhood – 33″ groups. They even worked hard to have men commit to participate while they were at the conference. Response was strong!

Sustain Change – From the beginning, Al and Donnie wanted to make sure they kept as many men as possible engaged in small groups. So, they keep looking beyond where they were to where they wanted to be and were very strategic with their planning. They continued to help men understand the incredible value of staying connected with other men.

Results: So, even I was pretty amazed when Al told me last week that last year they had 2 men’s small groups with a total of 12 participants before the conference. Now, a year later they have 5 men’s small groups with 60 men participating regularly. That’s a 500% increase!

You must be strategic and intentional in order to reach and build men. Take time now not only to work on mobilizing your men but planning the ‘logical next step’ for your men.

Watch this video for an explanation of The No Man Left Behind Model