Tags on the Outside…

I chuckle each time I see Ben with his dog tags flashing outside his shirt. This may mean nothing to you, but it’s a big deal to him. You see, Ben is the third of our three boys. He watched both of his brothers go on camping trips with me and ‘get their tags’.  He waited anxiously for two years for his turn.

So Ben waited for his turn. And now that he has his tags, he wants everyone to know… he’s got his tags! And he has a story to tell. See, Ben wants you to know that he’s been camping with dad, memorized a verse and been challenged to live differently. But he’s not satisfied to just keep that to himself. He wears his tags on the outside because he want’s you to ask…. ‘What are the dog tags all about?’ If you ask, he’ll tell you  and you’ll both be blessed!

So, let me take this a bit further. Ben’s excited about what happened in his life. He’s had a unique experience that he’d love to share. I wonder, do you wear your tags on the outside? I know too many guys to have, at some point in their lives, had a transformational encounter with Jesus Christ, but they keep it to themselves. They really don’t want anyone to ask about their faith or Jesus stuff.

Perhaps you’ve hidden Jesus in your shirt or somewhere else. It may be time to prayerfully consider how to ‘wear your tags on the outside’ so others will be motivated to ask you some questions.