“Take it Apart and See How it Works”

Take It Apart and See How it Works_image

Like vultures sitting in a tree while waiting for something to die…

That’s what my boys remind me of when a DVD player begins to give us trouble or a vacuum cleaner starts to wheeze and belch instead of working like it should. There’s good reason for this… Family Tradition.

I’ll never forget that when something stopped working, whether it was a car starter or an electric drill, my dad would say, “Take it apart and see how it works.” Honestly, it doesn’t take much encouragement to get most boys to take things apart. Putting them back together, however, is quite a different game.

Here’s a key thought… the only way to learn how to fix things and put them back together is to have plenty of practice taking them apart. As I remember my own ‘take it apart’ adventures and delight in my boys’ enthusiasm for the practice, I have two suggestions to share with you…

First, if you’re a dad, encourage your kids to explore how things work by taking them apart and dissecting them. BTW… I’m still ‘all in’ on this. Even now, I take things apart to see what I can learn. So, for even more fun, join your kids in ‘taking it apart’!

Is there anything of value spiritually here? You bet! As we take things apart, we study function, design and creativity. This provides a great segue for us to consider God as a Creator. Also, the fact that things break reminds us that we live in a broken world in desperate need of a Savior…

Second, remember that Father’s Day is June 21. Your dad may have never encouraged you to take things apart but he, or some other significant man probably encouraged you in some way. Maybe he taught you to hit a curve ball, shoot a free throw, change the oil in your car, read your Bible or dress for success. Take time between now and June 21 to express gratitude to Dad and other men who invested in your life.