The Dogwood

It’s awesome to finally see trees budding and flowers blooming. With the crazy winter we experienced, I’m sure we’re all excited to see spring. This is one of my favorite times of year. God’s creativity is on display in the woods when you see the white dogwoods blooming alongside the pink redbud trees. It’s a great time for a walk in the woods and a great time for dads to employ a simple strategy to point the family toward Christ. Take the crew on a walk and stop at a dogwood tree along the way to share The Legend of the Dogwood.

Here’s the information you want to share but make sure you do it in your own words and ask the kids to tell the story back to you. This is a simple but effective way to give your family a reminder about God’s love for us through His Son. As a matter of fact, one of my hopes and prayers is that I will one day walk in the woods with my grandchildren and have them eagerly share The Legend of the Dogwood with me. I’ll smile and know they learned it from their dad; because I know where he heard it.

The Legend of the Dogwood: