The Intergenerational Church – Chuck Stecker

Chuck Stecker is on a mission. He’s a retired Colonel from Army Special Forces so he has been a part of many missions in his career. But his current mission is to serve as a champion for the intergenerational church. Chuck’s passion is to help churches leverage the wisdom of seasoned men, alongside the strength of young men for the glory of God.

Chuck is the founder and president of A Chosen Generation. He’s also the author of Men of Honor and Women of Virtue: The Power of Rites of Passage into Godly Adulthood. He’ll be with us for our Roanoke ISI conference as a Keynote speaker and workshop presenter. His keynote message will be, One More Lap. His workshop will be:

There is No Baton: In Search of Older Men

As the church has been focusing on a new generation and targeting their programs and emphasis on what they call the future, we are missing the greatest wealth in the church and country—our seniors. Over the years we have told our seniors to step aside while we focus on the younger generations. Tragically, our seniors have done just what we have asked to do. We have confused the “baton of engagement” with the “mantle of leadership.” When a runner passes the baton, he quits running and is required to get off the track. Nowhere in God’s word does it tell us to quit. We are to raise up new leaders but we are to stay engaged. This workshop will provide insights into strategies and resources for engaging our seniors in the raising up of a new generation of leaders.

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