The Journey is Under Way!

Honestly, we’re not sure how many Men’s Fraternity groups will be launched this week in our region. We know of at least 34 but I’m sure there are others. Here are a few comments that we’ve encountered…

From a leader…
We had a great start last night – 12 of the 15 we expected were in attendance. One was truly sick and we will probably have him next week, not sure about the other two. All in attendance promised to return and seemed to be truly engaged.”

“Our discussion groups worked well-everyone contributed and we “answered” both the discussion questions. We had an excellent mix of men, some recently saved, some from decades ago, and most in between. We had black & white, young and old, professional and blue collar. This gives me hope for future sharing with this rich diversity.”

“We had folks from 5 different churches-none of whom had ever heard of Men’s Frat before. This should mean exponential growth throughout the city for next year also. Praise God, that is the Great Commission in action or as we say, ‘Making Faith Real’.”

From a participant after session one…
I came here with one expectation and now I see that I’m going to get something better than I had anticipated. My expectations were too low. I’m looking forward to next week. I want to bring my son.

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