The Noble Man: Pursues Purity // One Day Workshop for Leaders

Advancing Purity in the Church: 
Developing a Strategic Purity Plan

A One Day Workshop for Men’s Ministry Leaders and Pastors

Date: Tuesday, May 5th

Time: 9:30 – 4:00 (Lunch included)

Location: Noble Warriors Leadership Zone

Cost: No cost but there will be an opportunity for participants to support the ongoing ministry of Noble Warriors


Noble Warriors is hosting a one day workshop for Pastors and Men’s Ministry Leaders featuring Steve Etner, creator of the men’s purity resource Extreme Mind Makeover and founder of The Pure Man Ministry.

As leaders of ministry to men, purity is a topic that can not be overlooked. Research shows that 77% of self-identified Christian men ages 18-30 view porn at least monthly (2014 Christian Porn Survey conducted by Barna Group). Join the Noble Warriors team and leaders from across Virginia as we discuss topics related to purity and collaborate on a comprehensive strategy to help men of all ages walk in purity. The goal of the day is to create a strategic purity plan that churches will be able to adapt and customize for local use.

Topics will include: 

  • Definitions
  • Current Statistics
  • Strategic Engagement
  • Testimonies
  • God’s Plan for Purity
  • Available Resources
  • Porn Sources/Access Points
  • Biblical Support
  • Accountability Tools

Will you step up and advance purity in your church?

Space is limited so CLICK HERE to register now.