Training Your Sons for Leadership

Chick-Fil-A Leadercast 2014

I love studying and observing leaders and leadership. As a matter of fact, I delight in talking about leadership with my sons. I think one could probably make a case for the fact that men’s ministry is simply a unique form of leadership training. And you can’t start too early. No, not every man will lead a large company or organization. However, I believe men are designed by God to first of all lead themselves well and then lead and serve a family the way Christ leads, serves and loves the church.

So, I intentionally and strategically invest in the leadership capacity of my sons. We talk about leaders at dinner. We talk about leadership opportunities and mistakes when we watch movies. We discuss leadership in current events. (The situation with the Ukraine has produced some great dialog!) I also keep my eyes open for other current events, blog resources and opportunities to expose them to great leaders and leadership training.

One experience that I’ve been sharing with them for a number of years is attending the annual Chick Fil-A Leadercast. This annual event features high impact speakers and prompts lots of conversations about leadership and life. TCSC is hosting a simulcast of Leadercast 2014 at Parkway Baptist Church and I plan to take one of the boys, probably Benjamin, on May 9 in Richmond. Get more information about Leadercast 2014 here.

But, you do not have to go to Leadercast to initiate conversations about leadership. Here are a couple of blog posts I’ve read for information and encouragement that provoked great discussion with our boys at dinner time.

How Dads Should Build Leaders by Carey Casey, CEO of The National Center for Fathering

7 Unique Abilities of Good Leaders by Ron Edmondson

5 Suggestions to Recover after You’ve Made a Leadership Mistake by Ron Edmondson