Turn Up The Radio… I Can Still Hear That Noise!

My dad is a pretty mechanical guy. He taught me from an early age to pay attention to how engines sound. You can often catch a mechanical problem early and/or diagnose a problem with an engine simply by listening carefully. (Dad’s the guy who taught me to keep a stethoscope in my tool box. Stacy laughs every time I pull that thing out.)

You probably have friends who respond to engine noise or trouble by turning up the radio. They sense that something isn’t just right. But, instead of addressing the problem, they cover it up with something that drowns out the trouble.  I know quite a few folks who have turned up the radio to drown out engine noise and paid dearly.

Well, I wonder, how many of us turn up the intensity of activity, spending, work and yes, the volume on the TV to drown out the warnings of a marriage that needs some attention.  Engines and marriages need periodic preventive maintenance.  At times, both also need major repairs. I can tell you this, preventive maintenance is less costly and easier to manage than major repair.

Family Life’s Weekend to Remember Marriage Conference is a great option for both preventive maintenance (a weekend away can help your marriage run smoothly!) or major repair (many couples attend with little hope for their marriage and leave with renewed confidence in the marriage and greater love for each other).

So, I want to speak directly to men… Don’t take the passive route and keep turning up the intensity of ‘distractions’. Listen carefully and decide to invest in your marriage. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND LEAD OUT ON THIS. Make the necessary arrangements, set aside the time and money and take your wife to a Weekend To Remember Marriage Conference.

She’s waiting for you to lead. Now’s the time to Step UP!

There are two local options this fall or you can look at some options for the spring. Click here for more information on how to get the Noble Warriors’ Group Discount Rate.