Unforgettable Moments

Men, I recently spent a few days camping with our two youngest sons, Zach and Ben.We camped in Bath County near the intersection of the Bullpasture and Cowpasture Rivers.

We had a great time! I delighted in their playfulness in the river and the campsite. The water was cold but we enjoyed swimming, tubing and playing. They skipped so many rocks that I can’t understand why their arms didn’t fall off.

We enjoyed great fun around the fire, telling stories and laughing. I watched and coached as they set up camp, built fires and collected firewood. Our meeting with a local “Mountain Man” was quite an adventure itself.

Perhaps my favorite part was lying in the tent with them, one on each side. At one point they both rested their heads on my chest. I enjoyed the moment – so much promise and hope in them. I prayed for their protection and development. I never want those moments to be forgotten, by them or me. I never want to forget or overlook my responsibility to teach, train and prepare them for whatever God has planned for them. I pray they will become valiant soldiers in the battle for Kingdom advancement.

Men, I love these times but admittedly, I struggle with making time for them. Let’s challenge and encourage each other to create those unforgettable moments with our children.



Noble Notes posted on August 13, 2009