Valentines Day: Encouragement for Men

Guys, Valentines Day is Friday, but today (February 12) is actually Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday. In honor of both Abe and St. Valentine, I couldn’t resist sharing this with you. Abe’s Marriage Dilemma


Guys, honestly Valentine’s Day can be tricky. Resist your urge to apply “Guy-Thinking” to your Valentine’s Day plan for your wife. In order to be successful here, you really need to think about what she would appreciate. Ask yourself, how can I most effectively communicate my love to my wife or girlfriend?

Think romance… Now, for most of us, the first thing you thought of when I mentioned romance was wrong. Keep thinking until you get to what she thinks about when she hears the word romance. Now you’re headed in the right direction.

As a matter of fact, you may need some help or ideas… My favorite resource for marriage tools is another ministry, Family Life. As a matter of fact, guys I would encourage you to visit and spend some time there. Click on the Choose Your Experience link at the top of the page to get access to a list of life stages. Follow the appropriate link and learn about how to do marriage well.


Here are a couple of direct links to some ideas for guys:

5 Romantic Needs of A Woman by Dennis Rainey (Article by Dennis)

How can I, as a husband, better love my wife? By Dennis Rainey (5 min video by Dennis)