Walk and Lead!

Walk and leadWalk and Lead. Really our vision and mission haven’t changed. Noble Warriors is still helping churches reach and build men. We’ve just latched on to a couple of new words that convey the message powerfully. Walk and Lead. We are called to Engage churches as they Equip men to walk with Christ and lead well. 

I love the image here. Walking with Christ transforms men and informs their leadership. Leadership really doesn’t start with leading others… it begins with leading your own heart. As a matter of fact, this reminds me of something my dad said over and over to me…

“Michael, if you will just concentrate on keeping yourself out of trouble, you’ll have a full time job.”

To be truthful, I didn’t always heed that advice. Sometimes I didn’t manage myself too well and ended up in trouble.

I’m reminded in Jeremiah 17:9, The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it? Men, we have a critical job, to lead our own hearts.

Paul obviously wrestled with his own heart of flesh…

5 Ways to Lead Your Heart…

Live in the Word – God’s Word is powerful… but only if you’re engaging it regularly. Without the Word, your heart will run wild.

Look for God at Work – Too many of us only see negatives in the world. The Prince of this World, is clearly active. But so is the Lion of Judah. Look for what God is doing all around you!

Love by Choice – We know that some folks are easy to hang out with and love. Make a decision to spend some time or reach out to someone not like you.

Lean Toward Your Family – Regardless of whether you’re married or not, men typically have a soft heart toward their family members. Lead your heart to reach out to someone you haven’t connected with in a while. Do any fences need to be mended?

Lust No More – Many think that purity is the critical issue for men. Whether it’s number one or not doesn’t matter, it’s an issue that must be addressed. Follow Job’s example and ‘make a covenant with your eyes. (Job 31:1)

This is clearly not an exhaustive list. What would you add? How do you lead your heart? Let us know here!