War Room

War Room is coming to theaters on August 28th! I’ve had the opportunity to host several ‘influencer screenings’ of War Room over the last few weeks. I can tell you first hand that the folks who have seen the film are excited about it and are looking forward to sharing it with others.

There are a multitude of ways that this new film from Stephen and Alex Kendrick will have Kingdom impact. Obviously, prayer is the highlighted theme. But clearly, there are messages about marriage, mentoring and men.

Check out the trailer and register online for updates. War Room will catalyze much prayer, much change, much life transformation and much kingdom advancement!

If you really want to be a part of the action, click here to become a prayer warrior for the War Room.

Visit your local Lifeway Store on May 22 for a War Room Day of Prayer. Learn more about the movie and spend a few minutes asking God to use this film to impact our community, our local churches, and our culture to bring us back to Him.Find out more about the Midlothian Lifeway War Room Day of Prayer here.