We All Need Rabbits In Our Lives

Guys, I remember that early in the practice season one year, the coach of our high school football team made a statement in a team meeting that went something like this. “Men, we’re making progress but it’s slow. I’m looking for a rabbit. One of you guys needs to step it up and perform at a higher level so the rest of you will have someone to chase.” He was calling us all out, giving all of us the same opportunity to produce the extra effort that would be the example for the rest of the team to follow. He was looking for performance leadership.

I was not the rabbit, at least not in that arena; but that concept has never left me. We all need rabbits in our lives, someone who is out front, setting the pace for the pack of hounds chasing from behind. It takes a pretty bold fellow to lay claim of the rabbit position himself, but that’s just what Paul did in Corinthians when he said “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.” Of course Paul made it clear that the Corinthians should follow his example only in as much as it was consistent with Christ’s.

Men, pay attention here; Christ is our ultimate example but I think it’s healthy to look for some human rabbits whose example we could emulate. Remember, no man is perfect or a shining example in all categories of Christian living. But, today I challenge you to make a list of men who could be ‘rabbits’ for you in the areas of prayer, service, family leadership, evangelism or giving. Let them know that you admire the way they live. That’s your challenge for today.