What About The Girls???

You may be wondering about Stacy and Hannah… I’ve been camping with the boys for two weekends and missed out on time with my girls. Well, they don’t mind camping, (our family is camping with 9 other families from our church this weekend!) they just aren’t interested in carrying everything on their backs. They enjoy “girl’s night” while we’re away and watch movies that the boys call ‘heart-warming stories’. You know the kind… movies with horses but no real cowboys.

I do enjoy spending time doing fun things with Hannah… She’s reminding me that it’s time for another Daddy Date. And, I have to make sure that I make specific plans for date nights with Stacy as well…

Trace Adkins – Just Fishin’

Guys, make sure you’re investing in the significant women in your lives. Relational time is critical to them! Make it a priority in your life!

Earlier this week, I heard a song about fathers and daughters titled, “She Thinks We’re Just Fishin'” (Check out the video) I love the message… It reminds all us dads that we need to invest time in building a solid relationship with our daughters!