Why Men Hate Going to Church

Noble Warriors was officially launched in April of 2005. The following month, David Murrow released his book Why Men Hate Going to Church. I needed direction and help launching a new ministry to men, so the timing of the release was amazing. I really had no idea what I was doing or where we were going. (True story… Stacy and I were so clueless about how to launch a ministry that we bought the book Nonprofits for Dummies on a date night and started reading. The book still sits on a shelf in the NW office.)

I’m thankful that Why Men Hate Going To Church came out when it did. A friend sent me a link to an article about the book and an interview with Dave. It was a perfect tool! I ordered a copy and read it quickly then started telling others about it. In December of 2005, I purchased 10 copies of the book and gave them to local pastors during personal visits. This gift and the following conversations launched some of the first ministry relationships for Noble Warriors.

By the way… Stacy thought I was crazy to just give away copies of a book. But, generosity with resources has become one of the keys to our ministry. I’m really not sure how many copies we’ve given away. On top of that, Dave has been to Richmond twice to speak at events for us and I now serve with him on the board of the National Coalition of Ministries to Men (www.ncmm.org).

Next month marks the 10 year anniversary of Why Men Hate Going to Church and I am excited to celebrate with Dave. As part of the celebration, Dave has asked for reader testimonies. Many of you have read the book and/or watched the video. If so, I’m sure it challenged your perspective and helped you engage ministry to men differently. I hope you’ll take time to tell him how you and your ministry have been blessed by his work. AND if, by chance, you heard about or got a free copy of Why Men Hate Going to Church through Noble Warriors, make sure to include that in your email to Dave. I think he’ll get a kick out of it!