Why Men Hate Going To Church

“My men’s group is hurting”
“I’m not sure where to go with our men’s ministry”
“My men’s group is dead!”

If this sounds like your men’s ministry, HOW ABOUT TRYING SOMETHING DIFFERENT? The definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different outcome”.

Here are a couple of ideas you might consider:

  1. Have your leadership team read “Why Men Hate Going to Church.” It will challenge your team.
  2. Contact us to set up a Battle Briefing with Noble Warriors. Let us engage, equip and encourage you.

Why Men Hate Going to Church” by David Murrow

In many churches there are more women engaged than men. Why is this? Where are the men?  According to David Murrow, “we have made church an overly, and overtly, feminine experience and are now reaping the dubious rewards of such efforts”. Through three sections, Murrow makes the persuasive argument that we do have a problem, that it is a result of tailoring the church culture towards women, and that we can do something about it.

This is a great book or DVD for a leadership team to go through together. “Why Men Hate Going to Church” is divided up into three parts; the third part is the longest and could be divided into half allowing a group study consisting of four sessions.

For the leadership team that is more visual the DVD is the way to go. David Murrow leads two live-audience presentations: “Why Men Hate Going to Church,” and “Ten Ways to Man-Up Your Church – Without Scaring the Women Away.”

Why Men Hate Going to Church” will challenge the church/men’s ministry to do things differently.  Change is hard for many, it feels accusatory to some, like you’re saying “You’ve been doing it wrong all these years”. Be patient, you don’t have to change everything over night.

Remember, leadership teams may consist of official and unofficial leaders, young and old, present and future leaders. When you are trying to change culture or church DNA it will help to have all the leaders (present and future) participate.

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