Woodlawn the Movie


War Room is still making waves and changing lives! It’s been in the top 10 for four weeks; even hitting number one in week two. Many folks are cleaning out their closets to create War Rooms of their own!

So, what’s next? My recommendation is this… take some of what you’ve learned about prayer and its power and ask God to use the movie, Woodlawn, to impact even more folks for Christ!

Woodlawn tells the true story of a football team, a community and ultimately the city of Birmingham, Alabama being transformed in 1973-74. It’s a story of football, courage, faith, fathering, honesty, risk and grace. Already folks way beyond Hollywood are talking about the film that opens October 16th.

Check out this trailer:

Woodlawn will speak powerfully to all of us but it will speak loudly to men and very loudly to young men. Would you join me in praying for the impact of this film? Groups of parents and leaders are working now to plan for ‘movie nights’ for local teams so they can see the film together. FCA chapters are getting on board to champion the film for their teams and coaches.

Let’s do some work in our War Rooms for the impact of Woodlawn!