Young Family Summer Reading Plan

Young Family Summer Reading

Our crew is anxious for school to end. Each of the kids has a pretty robust schedule of activities that will keep them marginally busy. But there will be down times and I want to help them use some of that time for growth. I’ve never done this before but this year, I’ve proposed a Young Family Summer Reading Plan. The idea is that every member of the family has to read at least five books over the summer. (In addition to personal Bible devotions!)

Can you say revolt!? I bet you saw that coming! Yeah… so did I. As a matter of fact, we called a family meeting and put the idea to vote. I had to pull out my ‘super delegate status’ to help the resolution pass but it did win. Dad, you know you’ve used this strategy before!

Even with the reaction, I’m trying to find ways to make it fun and interesting. I know Ben wants to read Lecrae’s biography, Unashamed. Stacy has said she plans to read Pilgrim’s Progress. Bonhoeffer; Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy by Eric Metaxas is one of the books on Zach’s list. I hope Hannah will want to read Priscilla Shires new young readers book The Prince Warriors.

I’ve already filled out most of my reading plan and will be working with the fam to help them make some decisions. I don’t know how it will go. But, I know if I don’t initiate and lead, it surely won’t happen. Perhaps I’ll share some progress updates along the way and a final report at the end of the summer.

Feel free to take this strategy and run with it. Reduce or increase the number of books and the categories. But, as men, husbands and fathers, let’s discipline ourselves and encourage others to limit the screen time and pick up some books this summer. If you do, let me know how it goes!

Young Family Summer Reading Plan

Read 5 Books over the summer. At least one from each major category. Subcategories are just listed for clarification.

1. Non-Fiction
-Biography, history, etc.
2. Ministry/Missions
3. Personal growth/development
4. Fiction
-Novel, fantasy, historical fiction etc.
5. Classic Literature
-Could be Christian or secular

Dad’s Summer Book List:

1. Non-Fiction – The Wright Brothers by David McCullough
2. Ministry/Missions – Good Faith by Kinnaman and Lyons
3. Personal growth/development – Bod for God by Steve Reynalds
4. Fiction- Not sure here… I’m sure something will strike my fancy…
5. Classic Literature – The Odyssey by Homer