Also when I’m talking with my son, sometimes the words just flow out.

I really think at all of them, because I talk to God at all times. God is my Rock

whenever the HOLY SPIRIT speaks to my heart.

when reading His Word

When I’m running

Whenever He wants to talk to me.

When I hear Him call to share, tell me of His will & plan or needs for me.

Any of the above, or during prayer.

you are going to laugh..when I now the mind is in neutral & Holy Spirit

Throughout the day

when under duress and I am LISTENING

When in focused bible study

Sunday worship and preaching…

Leading up to a big decision.

God speaks to me in all these venues, I cannot choose one over another.

at the most unexpected times

Whenever and wherever God chooses.

randomly in life, often when least expected

I have heard him many places, including ALL of the Above.

Studying his word

When I am quiet and the world is quiet around me. when everyone is asleep

When I read the Bible out loud.

When His Word is opened.

*Betrayal: to lead astray; to deliver to an enemy by treachery; to fail or desert especially in a time of need; to reveal unintentionally; to disclose in violation of confidence.

YES 75%

NO 25%

By a fellow pastor

Had another believer divide a former church with rumors and legalism.

I always had a very good Christian relationship with my manager for 11 years. Then one day he had to let me go without any notice and apparently this decision was 1 year in the making. I felt that has my Christian brother he could of let me know in advance instead of sending me out during the Covid crisis. My faith has not wavered but this did make me doubt his faith as a fellow believer.

Minister who showed no interest in helping or following up, left me disappointed and wondering if care.

Christians can be very hurtful and selfish people.

To reveal unintentionally, to disclose in violation of confidence.

No comments about it. Learned to forgive and forget.

Many instances. Believers are susceptible to reverting to their old nature as well. Every case has been forgiven and we’ve moved on. I’m thankful for a Savior who allows me to be who I am in FULL truth and FULL love, and forgive my brothers and sisters who fail me and others. God is good!

My dad when I was a kid.

I can say that i’ve been disappointed many times but can’t think of a time when someone has betrayed me to the point of injury to my person or my witness.

Ex-wife had an affair that ended the marriage.

“All have sinned and come short of the Glory of GOD. Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone. Judge not, for the same judgement you judge with will be done unto you.”

Yes and it involved unsaved person who is confused

True Believers dont do this, and if they do, they Repent!

A church member for 20 years run off by pastor and still a member a year later but no one misses or seems to care you’re gone, or want to know Why.

We were lied about by parishioners.

While not betrayed, my family has recently experienced “abandonment” by another family whose wife (but not husband) is a believer. We have known this family for 10 years and the oldest of their six kids was my son’s best friend. We were invested in their kids and have many fond memories. I felt that we could reach the husband spiritually in hopes he would make the decision to accept Christ. Unfortunately, an unresolved conflict escalated and the parents no longer want us part of their lives.

My parents

I have also betrayed other believers in terms of not extending them the grace they deserve, sewing seeds of discontent, unrest and dissent, and other things that work against unity in the body of believers.

Shaped my life – still impacts my relationship with those in authority. By God’s grace, He is healing the brokenness so that I can trust.

Yes but I have ALSO BEEN the Betrayer!!

Not in devastating fashion to where I was left despondent for a long period of time.

Pastor infidelity

And could not get a straight answer as to why when he was questioned, nor an admission of guilt.

First Time. I was 19 and mid age married man with children invited me out for hamburger. He took me to sinful massage parlor. Next Time. I was in my 40’s. After revival in our church, I talked to pastor of my sin problems. Pastor said go find some men to pray with me. Men were not interested in praying about my sin problem. Next. I was interviewed by staff pastor. I told him of my sin and marriage problems. staff pastor said “Sir, you will never do anything in this church.”

scripture tells us to be Christ like; Extend the Grace of God by giving the other believer a chance in private to stand accountable, seek forgiveness which by we can reconcile.

Middle son at 16 share with the Youth Pastor that he struggled with Lust (Really? 16) Youth Pastor told Senior Pastor that told his step daughter which told my Son she was told to stay away from him. Son left the Church, he knows Christ but doesn’t live for him. When he attends special days with his Mom and I he sucks snot the whole service. Church in his opinion is a bunch of hypocrites.

Colleague threw me under the bus,to self-promote himself,and advance himself with status. Hurt quite a bit,but forgave him,and today we are still friends and both Men of God
In his decision,I was lifted up by our Lord to another location,with highest salary of my career,and retired from that new location because of God’d Blessing.How Great is Our God !!!

One of my Christian brothers said he was going to help in a time of job loss and never followed through.

Disappointment in another believer, yes, but not to the level of betrayal.

Proverbs 27:6


John 3:30


Romans 12:12

Micah 6:8 – He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.


Knowing that God is the head of your family and your life to knowing that he is always ready to get you out of the mist of temptations because when we all sin the Holy Spirit convicts us all and allows us to not looking back in our rear view mirrors and run away as fast as you can and let your eyes look forward ahead . Jesus Christ loves us all



Let this mind be in you that was also in CHRIST JESUS who being in the form of GOD, thought it not robbery to be equal with GOD, but made himself of no reputation and took upon Himself the form of a servant but was made in the likeness of man; being formed and fashioned as a men, He humbled Himself and became obedient unto death.





Someone who has a strong relationship with God, his family and is willing to sacrifice his time for the benefit of others.



Servant Leader




Godly, dedicated, loyal, committed

Prays the Word

Godliness or Promise Keeper

True in word and deed.

of noble character



Colossians 1 verse 7 As you learned from Epaphras our dear and faithful minister of Christ on your behalf 8 who also declared to us your love in the Spirit

Discipler (Matthew 28:19-20)

The man/woman who responds in faith versus fear is faithful. As Joshua and Caleb were the only 2 of the 12 spies to put their faith fully in the Lord and advised the people to move across the Jordan and take the land as God had directed. When we actually trust our lives to Christ by action we are faithful.

Deny you



Proverbs 27:17!

A Godly Man

Be there always


1 Timothy 3:2,Titus 1:6



Man of Integrity


a man of integrity


God fearing

Man of Character and Integrity !

humble man

Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.
(1 Cor. 16:13-14, ESV)


A Fellow Servant of Christ

Standing firm


Joshua 24:15:

But if serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.”

Righteous, upstanding, redeemed

one who stays on task, stays the course

A man of consistent integrity before God and man.

“No soldier gets entangled in civilian pursuits, since his aim is to please the one who enlisted him.”

2 Timothy 2:4 ESV

I know this is from the same passage, but this is the best description I know. To be faithful requires desperately clinging to God, disciplined submission, and a denial of other pursuits. In other words, a good soldier.


Dependable man of honor.

“He follows my decrees and faithfully keeps my laws. That man is righteous; he will surely live, declares the Sovereign Lord.”

Ezekiel 18:9 NIV

obedient to the Word



Devoted to God and Family.

Totally sold out to God!

Jesus follower

discerner of God’s will

obedient to the Lord’s command


a man of valor

Invests eternally (33 Series)

Joshua 1:9



How can a man be faithful if he is not AVAILABLE?

(Trustworthy, reliable, convicted).

Man of conviction based on the word of God


Prov. 3:5,6

One who is grounded by and in Kingdom focus.

A person of integrity

True follower of Christ.

Godly teachers reside in the shadow with every step.

Motivated to reveal “the Kingdom of God” here on earth and invite others to partake!


(that is God’s call to all believers)

1 Timothy 4:7-16. Believers.



Reliable, steadfast, unwavering to our commitment to our Father(as a servant king)


Disciplined integrity.

One who is righteous with and serves his wife, family, friends, and God; and his church. One who learns from other Christians and teaches future disciples.


Father, it is a word that is that is not only used as a teacher, but as a provider, a protector and a faith leader. If we have more men step up to become fathers, we will see His work done.

Present, physically, emotionally & spiritually for his God, family and friends


Personal Prayer, accountability partner

Divine Defense by Dr. Robert Jeffress

Weekly mens accountable meeting outside local church


Disciplines Of A Godly Man by R. Kent Hughes

Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes accountability

David by Chuck Swindoll


Robert Lewis Original Manhood Series.

Noble Warriors

Train yourself to be Godly: a 40 day journey toward sexual wholeness by Clifton

Accountability partner

Directed prayer; Praying the scriptures.

having other men holding me accountable

Stepping up (family life)

Holy Spirit conviction and help

Wild at Heart by John Eldredge

Life experience

Nathan Project FMO Groups and teachings

My community


Maximized manhood. Edwin Louis Cole

Unwanted by Jay Stringer

1-on-1 Accountability

Covenant eyes

personal accountability partner AND men’s small group

Fathered by God

Mortification of Sin by John Owen

Accountability Partner

A resilient life by Gordon Macdonald

My “wise guys” men’s group

The Holy Scriptures, constant communication with my Abba Father as well as an accountability group of godly men. I have found that sins of omission comes before sins on commission.

Bear Clifton is the author

Men’s small group

Directed prayer; Praying the scriptures.

The Proven Men Daily workbook is a good tool to help you draw closer to God for a heart changing experience.

By the grace of a God, I avoided many traps of sexual sin. However, I have witnessed many friends, relatives, coworkers, and others pay too high a price for it. At some point in time it is like a thirsty man paying $10,000 for his favorite drink when a glass of pure, clean and cool water is offered for free. I shutter to think how easily I could have ruined my life with one action that I avoided countless times. Only the hand of the Lord on my shoulder can explain.

More than sexual purity it focuses on purity of heart in general. A great overall study but you must be prepared to be honest with yourself.

My biggest resources has been my relationships within my church. My community group and a few men at my church that I trust have been a safe space for me to confess and receive encouragement as I struggle and strive to follow Christ in regards to this area of my life.

Opening up my conversation in last couple decades with men and women- including my wife- from small groups to one on one- and my 12 step sponsor.

Most books and resources are overly focused on behavior modification and not the root causes of unwanted sexual behavior that help us understand and believe the gospel better. Unwanted is a book/approach that focuses on heart issues, dealing with pain from your past and a pathway to wholeness in Christ.

Also “Setting Captives Free: The Way of Purity” by Mike Cleveland

We are currently going thru 33 the series volume 3
I have read Proven Men
I am also reading some material from John Eldridge right now Fathered by God

YES 63%   NO 37%

Given my past challenges with pornography, I knew I had to be honest with my wife prior to our marriage. I did to honor her with honesty, but also to have accountability and prayer from her.

Yes. We’ve been married for over 20 years and have discussed this issue many times.

Yes, I disclosed in a general way prior to going away for treatment. A full disclosure was done in treatment to give my wife the information she needed in order to make an informed decision as to whether or not she wanted to stay married to me. The good news is she saw the change that was taking place within me and chose to stay married to me.

I think she has suspicions but doesn’t say anything.

Good timing! God delivered me from porn over a year ago I had never revealed my struggle to my wife until Sunday 9/13/20. It was through many tears I finally confessed to her after watching a sermon together that morning from Grant Ethridge at liberty live in Hampton. My confession was met with pure grace even after I told her I had struggled for years. She said she noticed a change in me over the last month. Remarkably, that’s about how long I have been praying and reading God’s Word.

That yes comes with a qualifier. I don’t tell her everything because she would freak out. I do not have the moral innocence she has so i keep it very general.

Both of my wives knew/know and it helps me resist temptation. The battle isn’t as fierce as it once was. It’s like confessing sin before the Lord, the Holy Spirit steps in to do His sanctifying work.

P.S. Secret or unconfessed sin is unforgiven sin.

At my age there is no battle for sexual integrity going on. Just glad to be here.

She knows the struggle exists, but is not burdened by the gross details of it. There is a fine line between revealing a struggle in this area with our wives, and creating undue insecurity and anxiety by getting too specific. Perhaps the location of this line varies from marriage to marriage, while exercising discretion and wisdom.

I think she knows it is a battle, but not how hard the battle is some times.

It’s been incredibly helpful, especially when choosing TV shows to be on the same page on what I need to avoid.

Although she is aware of safeguards I have in place.

I freely discuss with my wife about the availability and in your face internet porn because we have three sons and three grandsons. It is interesting that decades ago I could not get her motivated until I sat down and showed her what was there and how easy and free access there was. She was very motivated then to do our best to guard our sons. Tony Blair when he was PM of the UK had a great suggestion. Instead of free access, block all Porn unless you request access and go on public record!

But lacks understanding (or does not want to know) of how it impacts me physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Maybe you should define sexual integrity

Personal battle

Yes. We have discussed porn usage. She is aware that sex and lust is a struggle that I deal with.

My wife is everything I want sexually, but sometimes she doesn’t understand how well certain things she does pleases me.

I’ve been upfront with my wife with my struggles and when I fall into temptation. I told my pastor I tell her everything and he didn’t like that. Saying she would second guess me all the time. Well that’s not the case. I once lied to her about telling my dad that I got a speeding ticket. When I confessed I didn’t tell him she broke up with me saying if I could lie about that what else could I lie about. When I started to have feelings for a co worker I told her and stopped it.

I wish my wife cared honestly

There is no imminent battle but there is always an ongoing tussle with the enemy of my soul to misguide my thoughts. Purity and integrity toward my wife is paramount in my sacred union with my life-long, God-given, partner and help-meet. I have found a “GOOD THING!”

No battle for sexual integrity exists.

We talk about my needs vs her needs and how I have different needs then her around sex.


Very supportive!

She is aware of past sexual sin but is not fully aware of the ongoing struggle.

She helps me put certain restrictions in place as needed in our home (i.e. hide tablets, only on computer when she is in the room, change password for access to screen as needed). While she is aware of it, since it is a painful subject for her, she tends to avoid checking on me or how I am doing. I try to check in with her from time to time to let her know where I am, and how things are going.

She struggles understanding it though

She was/is my accountability partner:

  1. in past when I became aware on the challenges of dealing with such temptation in the past.
  2. is now, as a prayer partner and as part of the solution that keeps me accountable and focused on a life in Christ. Because of this the challenge is easy to deal with now = thank you Jesus!

We are engaged, but she knows, as I also lead a Men’s group around this

She knows of my struggles, but I choose to discuss them with an accountability person. She is in menopause and sometimes it is difficult for her to discuss and hear about it. But she is always in prayer for me and my struggles.

It’s not a subject you casually talk about with your wife. Hey hun, I just saw a really beautiful woman at the grocery store, please pray for me! I think we as men are better encouraged by talking with other men about our struggles.

Every man with a pulse is dealing with sexual integrity at some level. Most won’t admit it to themselves and won’t talk to anyone about it due to shame.

We have an agreement of how, what and when I share. When tempted or the battle escalates and I need help from brothers I do that as part of our plan. If I intentionally look for and use porn I talk with my brothers but I also share with her. We are in agreement as to what the consequence is to my looking or acting out. We do not wonder what we should do. We have an action plan. This eliminates a level of argument and fear of discovery and disclosure. It works better than hoping it works out.

Yes. And being raised in a house with no brothers then raising sons, she was a bit shocked by how guys struggle with sexual temptation. This has prompted some great conversations.

We’ve discussed the fact that men are very visually stimulated.

I let her know about my struggles and how I may fall or come close to falling. I think transparency is important in the relationship. She appreciates my honesty and it breeds more intimacy.

Even at the age of 73 it is a struggle but have it under control. Wife understands.

But only generally. Specific issues are reserved for my ‘inner circle’ of brothers.

My wife is my accountability partner.

Because there is no battle

I am single. However, I would love for you guys to do a podcast series on how a man finds and pursues a woman for marriage. Also, a podcast explaining how a man knows he is ready for marriage. Thanks!

My wife is wise in many ways and in this area she understands that the battle for sexual integrity is real and she is willing to talk about it and hold me accountable. I appreciate this tremendously – that she understands it is a real struggle and that she is a God-given partner to help me in the struggle.

Years ago I went through “ Every Mans Battle.” This book taught me and my wife about the sexual struggles of a man.

I am very open with my wife. After an event put on by Noble Warriors many years ago, I chose to give all of me to my wife and it has brought us even closer.

Romans 12:1-2

John 3:16

my paraphrase: Some men’s sins are apparent in this life for all to see, and some men’s sins are hidden in this life but will be revealed when they stand before God.

2 Peter 19: “They promise them freedom, while they themselves are slaves of depravity – for a man is a slave to whatever has mastered him”.

Phil. 4:13

Hebrews 13:4

Romans 12:1-2

Matthew 5:28

Matthew 5:28

2 chron 16:9

Proverbs 3:16 in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

Genesis 4:7

Proverbs 4:23

2 Corinthians 10:5

Romans 13:14

Ephesians 5:3

1 Thessalonians 4:3-8 has been the most impactful and memorable verses for me when I wrestle with sexual integrity.

Proverbs 5 and 6

Philippians 4:8

New American Standard Bible

8 Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is [a]lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, [b]dwell on these things.

2 Corinthians 5:9

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

I friend who I have invited to get into my business whenever he feels the need, and I into his business. We have a list of questions we can use. The last question is “Have you been completely truthful in these answers?”.

1 Corinthians 10:13 No temptation[a] has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted[b] beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted,[c] he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.

Romans 7:24-8:6

1 Corinthians 10:13

No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.

Genesis 2:24 and Matthew 19:6. God’s intent is not ambiguous or unclear. Fidelity is not a nice to have but a must and the only alternative lifestyle is singleness.

Psalm 119:9-11 I continue to struggle here and do not believe it will ever go away.

Galatians 2:20 I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body I live by faith in the Son of God, who loves me and gave himself for me.

YES 73%

NO 27%

Shared with pastor, friends who were believers. I was molested at 7 or 8 by an older(12) cousin. Saw magazine of my older cousin. Molested again from about 12-16. Purchase a gay mag through the mail around 18 or 19.

Went back to in my 20’s porno online. Struggle with sex, adultery Thank God I got free. Challenged within in the context of church when sex is associated with jokes especially homosexuality. process of identifying with Christ support of my wife/brothers who didn’t judge.

Not totally but substantially

I am not ashamed to share as men need to hear they are not alone in their quest…

First shared it in a purity group across town. Then I shared it in a men’s prayer meeting at MY church. That sharing led to a connection to a man who also was committed to purity. We started the purity group at our church and 14 years later its still going strong. God orchestrated the whole thing.


in this world now there is so much that is not pure, even people who claim Jesus but still live in this corrupt world, it is a struggle daily

I share it on a monthly basis one on one and with groups.

It is something to consider doing more than once. First to make sure you have an accountability brother to keep you on your promises. Second, to give testimony at men’s events to help others gain courage to get help, seek Christ and find the path.

A close friend and mentor

In my church’s men’s small group.

Men’s group. Close friends.

With a close friend and in a small group.

With my small group.

With a counselor and with a brother with similar struggles.

I started a men’s group at church called F.I.G.H.T. Club. It stands for Fighting Immorality with God’s Heavenly Truths. I have since relocated and changed churches, but I still participate remotely in the group as a member.

My Wife, My Battle Buddies, Covenant Eye’s is a Great Tool

In men’s group

Being open and real is always best!

Our theme on The Noble Man Podcast for September is Living with Sexual Integrity. Most guys have a story of their first exposure to pornography. We’d love to know your age and your story if you’re open to sharing.

When I was 8 years old I found a discarded Playboy magazine.

playboy and hustler mag’s in house where I was baby sitting in TV room = not a good thing for any household.

Very minimally (a one-time event) via a book evidently known by neighborhood kids in a clump of trees where we rode BMX bikes.

not until as a married pastor did we get the internet. It certainly had some bad things pop up when searching for some information.

My story is at

Buddy’s dad’s stash of Playboy’s, Penthouse and some x rated movies.

Not exactly sure, but the sin habit began freshman year of high school

Racy magazines at subway train station.

Introduced to porn by my cousin while we were working on his grandad’s tobacco farm through “detective magazines.” Those magazines had some every risque stories.

Playboy by my father who was down playing it in a teaching moment be thought… Which I think worked for me…

My older sister found one of my mother’s pornographic tapes and showed it to me, when I was 5. This is how I learned what sex is.

My first apartment after college and I discovered boxes of PB magazines left by the landlord. I was far from home (TX to NY) and alone.

Magazines found by accident in a recycle barn

My mom was a baker and would make special order playboy centerfold cakes. My parents always had several playboy or penthouse mags around in an end table or in a magazine rack. I was not prohibited from looking at them.

Discovering magazines in the house belonging to my uncle and my dad.

Found magazines out in woods and was very attracted to it. Kept coming back to see it.

Found a magazine lying in the street on my way to a kids group meeting after school.

Neighbor showed me his playboy when I was 9, and was hooked for life. Now been sober for about 6 years – it’s a powerful and demoralizing addiction

Penthouse magazine laying around the house. Have struggled with pornography on and off every since. A constant battle

Jr. High, guys on the school bus had playing cards with pictures of naked women on them. About that same time, I found a Playboy in my older brother’s desk.

My uncle had hidden a pornographic magazine in his bedroom closet. He was only ten years older than me, so he still lived with my grandparents at the time. I happened across it one day while I was over at their house.

Someone threw a magazine out by our mailbox.

Dad was given a playboy magazine for his 40th Birthday party. He hid it in the basement trashcan where I found it throwing some things out.

My uncle, a contractor, had pictures of women hung up in the storage cabinets of his garage.

Playboy back in the day

Sadly, it was from a pastor’s son. He was giving out free magazines (pre-internet) to guys in middle school, and then selling them after that… like a drug dealer. It began a long stretch of distrust in the church.

Magazines in friends dads houses.

magazine photos

please be cautious as to how you handle the answers to this question. For men over the age let’s say of 45 exposure might mean actually seeing something with the intent of looking. To a 16 year old in today’ internet/TV world he has been exposed without fail by 10 if he breathes. Computer error, commercials..

saw a Playboy magazine

Magazine buried in backyard. Neighborhood “friend”

Saw some girlie magazines

I read Playboy magazines in the gun shop with Air National Guard. I read the journalism, and peaked at the pictures.

It was like a drug to me. I couldn’t believe that such a thing existed, and I wanted more.

Older brothers had magazines hidden between the bed mattresses that I inadvertently discovered at a very young age.

A guy at school had dirty pictures he kept in his wallet. He showed me at lunch time.

Dads nasty magazines

Thank the Lord for a faithful father who prepared me to “don’t try to fight it, RUN!”

My dad wisely told me that when I came in contact with porn to run away and never look back. He then proceeded to tell me about men in our family who’s lives were destroyed by sexual sin. Needless to say, I am blessed to have had the dad I did and thus have been able to tell my wife that there are no sexually impure skeletons in my proverbial closet. Praise God! I couldn’t have done it alone.

Brother came home from college… first computer in the house. Discovered it on his computer playing other games.

It ruined my life and set me up for decades of struggle, guilt, and addiction.

My parents had the Playboy channel when I was a kid in the 80’s. The shows wouldn’t start until 7pm and my parents would kick us out at about 6:30 or right after dinner so that they could watch it. Unfortunately, the way the house was set up, we could see the tv from my sisters bedroom window, so she would leave her curtains open and they all the neighborhood kids would come over and we would watch it.

My cousin had some magazines in his room

My dad’s office had pictures of naked girls on desks and calendars. we, as a family, were taken there to make some extra money by cleaning and organizing. My 9-year-old sister made light of the pics. I was amazed.

Found playboy and hustler under the bed in the spare bedroom at my aunt and uncles house. A couple big boxes of them. This was back in the early seventies .

Boy scouts would overnight at military base.


volunteer counselor

Offering team

Men’s Ministry

Nothing during COVID-19

Men’s Retreats

Intercessory prayer

Noble Warriors

Guidance in counseling sort of

Men’s Discipleship

Mens Ministry – Church Chair Team

Jail Mentor, AWANA, Royal Ranger

Compuer & Telecom team

Para-church organization like Noble Warriors


Troubled young adults with bad histories/addictions, etc.

Firewood Ministry

Ministry to Men Leader Local,State and at Times National Level

Food pantry driver/5-10 hrs weekly

lead a mens bible study

Sanitation team leader

Military Ministry Director

Celebrate Recovery sr. leader & discipler


Men’s Ministry Director

Trustee/oversee church building and property

Studying Christian Ministries and Pastoral Care at Regent U.

Raising a 5 yr old, caring for my Mom, running a business, remodeling the house,

Midweek gatherings(Life Groups)

Write a daily devotion that goes to over 130 leaders each weekday.

Men’s Group Leadership Team/Support various ministries

Counselor/Purity Coach


Set up


Regional Ministry Director

Men’s ministry

as a janitor

worked at a concert amphitheater


Worked in a small Jewish Mom & pop drygoods store during Jr&SR year of high school. I was 16 & 17 and needed to work closely, learn from a good man who held my feet to the fire, so to speak. It definitely was a God thing for me.
I heard that we said I was the best worker he had had up to that point. I stayed in touch till he retired and moved.


Pumping gas

Grocery Bag Boy

Marina deck hand

Furniture delivery

Wendy’s staff

Spiegel Catalog Center Shipping Department.

Janitor and general maintenance at a furniture store. 15 years old and rode my bike to get there. To get the job I walked in and introduced myself, then proved I had what it took.

Jonbil Mfg. Co.

Working at the YMCA as a camp counselor

Newspaper carrier at the age of 12. 90 customers.


Funeral Home Assistant part-time evenings and weekends, 16 y.o. Duties included but not limited to open doors and escort to repose rooms, assisted on removals, once drove the hearse in a funeral, crematorium run, filler urns, cleaned toilets, vacuumed and dusted, wash fleet cars, assistant at chapel and grave, logged in flowers, valet. Great Job!

Summer job as a high school general laborer for the county Park and Planning Commission trimming bushes, mowing grass, cleaning azalea beds, and working in the plant nursery hot house.

Grocery store clerk


I was a labor in a can fabrication Factory in Philadelphia PA. 1978

Helping a neighbor on his farm, hoeing and harvesting cantelopes.

Wendy’s Crew Member

Mowing the family lawn every week. I was paid room and board! But if you mean outside the home, I got a job when I was in high school as a sticker and truck loader at a local swimming pool supply store.

mowing lawns


Picked up trash & cut grass at a theme park


working on a farm and cutting grass

Stocking at a grocery store

Plumber’s helper

Newspaper route

Helping the janitor at my local school.

Mowing lawns

Travel Agent

raking leaves, cleaning yards, cutting grass and shoveling snow for the older neighbors within 1-2 miles of my childhood home.

Working in a gas station



Slinging Hay from a baler to a trailer and then into a hay loft at age 15.

Cut the grass at home.

ist job was detasseling corn in Illinois at 15yrs-old,$1.50 per hour,or weeding soy bean fields by hand using a hoe.
Out of college w/degree;Teaching Practical mathematics,PE/Health,Track/Football Coach w/extra one month pay


Stock clerk/Bagger at BE-LO Markets


Bus boy at a local restaurant

Motorcycle mechanic

Newspaper boy

mowing grass for 2.00 each. Made my first car’s insurance.


Working for a paint contractor

newspaper boy at 12


Paper Boy

For my dads company doing computers

clothing store where my entire family has worked at one time or another

Masonry Helper with my father.

Factory Welder

I was 16 when I got a job at A&P grocery store as a cashier in the spring of 1986. A&P changed it’s name to Super Fresh that same year. I left shortly after. In those days every item had a little stick on price tag and it was manually entered into the register kind of like a calculator. I hated it when people got in my line with super full carts

Paper route

Worked at Kroger grocery in Pittsburgh

Construction helper

Worked at a bakery as bread maker. Shop made sub rolls for local sub shops.


Bus boy at shoneys

Assistant Engineer


I worked as a clerk/ general merchandiser for a regional grocery chain


My first job was a dishwasher for a company called TWM Food Services Inc. in a historical black college named Virginia Union University.

Newspaper carrier

Work on a Construction site with my dad

Serving as a 2d LT in the US Army at Ft Bragg, NC – HOOAH!!

Dishwasher at Pizza Hut, age 15 with a work permit

Mowing a cemetery lawn

Paper route

Night shift dishwasher

To glorify God

I started with my father, Garnett George, in 1971, two days after I graduated High School and I’ve been there ever since.

Spreading top soil and mowing grass as a teenager

Dairy farm hand ! Best job I ever had.$1. Per day! Made me a hard worker! I’m a 45 yr small business owner in recreation that has been very successful. Announced My retirement today for 2022. Going to help more @ church & relax on my horse farm with my family. I’m blessed all my children& grandkids live within a five mile radius. God Bless!

Dish washer

Taking trash out for the post office. I got paid every three months. It was fun job.

Grocery cart pusher at age 12


Delivering clothes from the car of a clothing cleaner and presser.

High School Industrial Arts Teacher

My 1st full time job was a steel worker.

Clerk in a grocery store included stocking shelves, waiting on customers and assisting deliveries.

Inventory at western auto in San Antonio Texas

Camp Counselor

Janitor in middle school/ high school

At age 16, I got up 6 AM to milk cows when Dad was gone from home working. At 19 I worked part time typing shipping papers for trucking company about $3.85/ hr. At 20 I was private in U.S. Army $325/ per month. At 25 I was Electrical Engineer at $1000/month.

Moving irrigation pipes in fields on a farm

Stocking the liqueur store shelves at night

Farm work

Newspaper delivery

paper route

Sacking groceries

Working at Styles Bi Rite for 75 cents an hour back in the day!!

House keeping / Janitor at Kenner Army Hospital Fort Lee, Va age 17

Grocery Bagger

Selling Grit newspaper and delivering on my bike. Loved it, bringing it to the customers was fun. Got paid too!


Cutting grass and building overpasses on I 45 in Louisiana

McDonald’s fryboy

Paper boy route.

Delivering news papers on Long Island NY

working in a shipyard


US Army. 17 years old.

My first job out of high school was working in a factory that made metal siding and roofing for barns and other types of buildings for farm use or for factories. we also made the trim pieces too.

Washing dishes

Associate at KMart

Usher at a movie theatre

shoe salesman at Athletes Foot

Hardware store salesman at 16 years old.

Auto repair shop LOF change guy, open/close shop, clean-up, customer ride-share, parts run guy.

selling popcorn and candy at a movie theater.

Working soda bar at age 15 1/2

Cutting grass

Washington Post. Newspaper Route.

1st job: paper boy
2nd job: dishwasher are restaurant

Mowing lawns – age 9

Dishwasher at a restaurant (15 Years old)

Working at a Nursing Home.



First “job” was cutting grass during summer. My first legal job was McDonald’s.

Sales Associate at Dollar General

Off of farm was McDonald’s. Still had to rack hay though

Cutting grass

Grocery store bagger

Sports Complex/Driving Range/Batting Cage Attendant

Not many options in early 1960s for young teens:pre-teens. Bought older brothers paper route for $2.00 per customer. Caddied at local country club. Carried 2 bags for 18 holes for $4.50 plus $1.50 tip for 4 hours. Do the math. Minimum wage when I finally got a job as a stock boy/jack of no trades at flooring company was $1.25 an hour.

Clerical/filing/handyman work around my father’s law office

Working for my father who was a builder.

Washing dishes in a hospital kitchen, serving patients their meals and picking up the dishes/trays afterwards.

Delivering newspapers.

I was a custodian cleaning a school.

Summer camp counselor

Working in the summer in the harvesting of tobacco.

Building piers and docks


Engineering Technician for a Structural Engineering firm.

Work at a full service gas station

Pushing the lawn mower to and from a yard in the neighborhood for my older brother.

1st adult job was enlistment in United States Air Force at 19 years of age.

Paper Boy (local paper, 2x/week, pay = 3 cents?/paper)
First “real” job = Janitorial services, minimum wage

Bagging groceries at a Midwest food chain

picking tomatoes on a farm..age 8

Bus boy

Catching chickens

My first job was working as a bagger for Food Lion

Working at McDonalds at 15 to save money for a trip to France

Tour guide for a caverns

Dishwasher in restaurant.

Shoe sales

Maintenance at our church

Grocery store clerk.


Trading Post Clerk at Cub Scout Day Camp

My first job was with the local newspaper as a paperboy.

Frammer. Built garages.


Gas station attendant

detasseling corn

Working as the porter in a Dunkin’ Donuts shop.

Worked in an electrical supply warehouse as a stock clerk while in college.

After school I worked at a Wheel Horse tractor dealership. I had to prep the tractors for display and delivery. I also was shown how to work on small gas engines.

Construction laborer

Paper route

Working at a super market in my hometown.

Baling hay


Fish Cleaner at Seafood Market

First career was Optical Engineer with Kodak, 1981.
First job was Offshore Drill Crew, Gulf of Mexico, which started the day after HS graduation, 1976.

Mowing lawns, raking leaves, shoveling snow, carrying buckets of coal & splitting kindling wood for elderly in my rural neighborhood. This was in my pre-teen years.

Helping my dad in his plumbing and heating business!

Chef’s Assistant, Salad Prep, Dishwasher

Usher at the Byrd Theater

Newspaper Carrier

rolling sod and stacking hay on a sod farm


Working for my uncle when I was around 10 during summer months.


Mechanics helper

pot scrubber at a restaurant (was later promoted to dishwasher).

Bus boy at an all you can eat seafood buffet restaurant

Cutting grass in the neighborhood at at age 8, but first job with a boss, age 13, grounds keeping at a golf course.

Paper boy

Masonry helper, summer job in high school

Page in the House of Delegates

Pumping Gas

Student IT Help for my school district.

clerk at a tennis club

carrying coal from cellar to living room for elderly woman.
I was 11 years old in 1963

“Sandwich artist” At Subway

Grease Monkey, working at my Dad’s auto dealership

My “first summer job” was at the place my father worked, a manufacture of small household furniture (i.e. hassocks, bean bag chairs, etc). They only “hired” me as a favor for my father. They first put me to work making sure all of the sewing machines oil reservoirs didn’t run dry. Then in shipping – mostly to keep me busy/out of the way.

Working at the front desk of a major hotel.

Painter’s helper

Grocery store bag boy $4.90 per hour

Mowing neighbor’s lawns. Ah, the good old days!

I started mowing lawns around 13 or 14 years old in the neighborhood.

First job for a company was CVS pharmacy as a pharmacy technician. I was 16 years old and it was part time.

Full time was right out of college 23 years old with Dominion Capital Mortgage as a loan officer.

Working at a gas station as a gas attendant.

First job – McD’s
Best non-career job – Valet at Hotel Roanoke

At age 12, I was a “cowboy” on our large family dairy farm. It simply meant I went to bring each of the 4 parts of our large dairy cow herd into the dairy barn for milking. All on foot, no horse. And honestly, it was more ‘cow poke’ than cowboy. But it was awesome to hear at lunchtime, “Who’s cowboy today?” Being cowboy took all afternoon (~4 hrs).

Pulling weeds and maintaining landscaped bed at an apartment complex.

Movie Theater Usher

Mate on a fishing boat

Picking up trash at the high school football stadium.

Military Police office clerk

Physical abilities

Oath to uphold the US Constitution

My recovery.

My dad

military service

Mom (dad died in WW2)

abusive men in my growing up years

The Marines

Life’s Lessons Learned


Church Family and Brothers in Christ



Mental problems

Political Engagement



military service


Good friends



Grand parents , parents

Serving in military and in Christianity

Overcoming a disability

How God sees me.


completion of a Christian long-term rehab

Grand Parent




Military Service

International Missions

Good/Blessed Life.


My work in the community.

Uncle (Role Model)


Do the right thing no matter what



33 Series

Work Ethic

Serving others



my Father-example Failure to Honor Women

Involvement with Music & Worship

Learning and Teaching the Bible



Involvement with youth

Men’s ministry leader



Relationships – How I treat others


To be honest what really counts is being a son of God

The gifts (talents) God has given me

Faith. My raising. Sports. Education

Physical Health

Male & Female Mentors- guys like James Dobson

Ministry to Men Leader Local,State and at Times National Level

Do you really know how to SHOW her you love her, not just say it, but SHOW it to her.

How are you pursuing your wife?

Not only ask if he’s stopped watching porn, but ask if he’s still pulling from those videos/ images in his mind and dwelling on them

Who do men never share personal issues with their men friends?

What’s hard in your life right now?

What can I help keep you accountable for?

My wife said, “How do you make sure that your marriage is Christ-centered?”

Do you help your wife in the evening when you get home from work, or do you feel that your workday is finished?

Do you support your spouse and what do you think that means?

What do you do to show your wife that she is special to you?

Is your family currently growing, or do you find yourselves stagnant but appearing to look strong?

To share about his salvation experience.

Do you and your wife pray together? Explain why or why not.

Are you leading your wife, hand to hand, in dedicated and intentional prayer on a daily basis?

What things/strongholds/issues are preventing you from going deeper in your relationship with God, with your wife, with your children, and with your family and friends?

Do you treat your wife with the same patience, respect and courtesy that you extend to others?

What are your tips for being a good husband.

First, my wife would re-write the question. Who are you discipling?

In what ways do you serve your wife as a way to show your love?

What distractions keep you from being the man God designed?

Do you consider what your wife thinks before you make a big decision, financial or otherwise, or does her opinion not carry any weight with you?

What has the Holy Spirit revealed to you about your wife/marriage; how have you used/ moved forward on that revelation?

What boundaries are you setting to leave work at the office?

Have you ‘dated’ your wife lately?

listen first then we talk

What are you doing to prevent lust in your life?

What are you planning for your wife for your anniversary?

How do I find a Spiritual mentor and how do I know I can trust him?

Are you leading your family to read the Bible regularly?

What is the ‘hard stuff’ you’re dealing with right now?


A female recording artist wanting 2 share how God’s healed her from abuse&grief

Facilitating a coed life group

Troubled young adults with bad histories/addictions, etc.

An addict that just needed a friend

My wife and my marriage

I teach Sunday school to men and women 18-25

men’s ministry

men in my Celebrate Recovery family who do not attend my church

hopefully my wife!

Senior Adults in my community


Sports officiating Youth – HS.


Stewardship Ministry

Grandkids living with us

Ministry to men in addiction singularly and small groups

I help coach football at the high school have them praying before and after ever

I’m a Board Certified Executive Coach



Anyone who will listen.

Pastors in Northern VA


Family – Son-In-Laws

Family in another state


Young men through Instagram messaging

My construction company hiring people who need a second and sometimes third chance

Prison ministry

Roommate and friend

Local food bank, Sunday school teacher

Ministry Great Compassion Uganda

one-on-one discipling and USPS evangelism

Family to struggling families

My local church


I have only had self-study books. I also took basic class in theology at church last year. The men’s group at church that I go to when we were able to meet uses basic 33 men’s study.
Master Life by Avery Willis
Experiencing God
“Brigade Trails” and “Leadership Trails” from Christian Service Brigade Ministries. 🙂
We have created a Christian Men’s Fraternity where we hold weekly sessions and progress through lessons in order to develop and disciple men. Then in turn, we train those men to assist with developing the next group.
Christian Service Brigade achievement manuals
Invited me to a Man in the Mirror “Success That Matters” seminar, and led me thru the 6 week follow up small group
The original Men’s Fraternity
CBMC Operation Timothy 1984-1986 | CBMC Lifestyle Evangelism Seminar 1985 | CBMC Living Proof 1986-1988
Hard work ethic.
By example!
Men’s Fraternity series and Tony Dungy series
Bill Bright handbook for Christian maturity
33 Series books.
Modern Apologetics writings such as “Case for Christ”, Josh McDowell books, etc.
Write a commentary as best as i could of each book in the (Bible) then review it with him. It was not just the Bible the resource was the commentary.
Video series…”That the World May Know” by Ray Vanderlan
The book “Evidence that Demands a Verdict” by Josh McDowell
Billy Graham materials, Navigators Bible, read thru the Bible – 1 year program (done every year since 1977)
The 33 series DVD’s and Wild At Heart DVD series
Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby
Patrick Morley’s book “Man in the Mirror, accountability questions in back of book.
Small group study materials (ex: Men’s Fraternity, etc.)
Kingdom Man by Dr Tony Evans
Men’s conferences
King James Bible
The original MasterLife in the red three-ring binder – very good materials.
Navigators curriculum
My wife had written a personal prayer book for me with many of our favorite verses and verses that spoke to the positive victory and blessings that the Lord has provided us
Point Man by Steve Farrar
Student Discipleship Ministries, Burleson Texas
“Becoming a Prayer Warrior” By Elizebeth Alvez
“Hosting the Presence” by Bill Johnson
My Utmost for His Highest Devotional

1) Men’s small group study of C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity.

2) Men’s fellowship w/table groups of Pr. Robert Lewis’ Quest for Authentic Manhood series.

Sermon on the Mount by Emmet Fox
33 The Series and Men’s Fraternity. The best men’s studies I have ever used!
The book 40 days of purpose by Rick Warren
Navigator Bible studies on the various books of the Bible, and the Experiencing God study by Blackaby.
Most of the men I gravitated too walked their faith and when I approached them, they shared their stories.
watching someone Lead by example
One To One Discipling (Multiplication Ministries, Vista, CA)
None, I made the decision on my own. I have never had anyone sit down and walk me through God’s plan of salvation.
Books (like knowing God, hand me another brick, and disciplines of a Godly man). Video series like FamilyLife’s Stepping Up, Podcasts and articles
Master Life study
Navigators discipleship curriculum
Flash Cards. Power Point slides.
The Authentic Manhood 33 Series all six books. Also, Tabletalk by Ligonier Ministries.
Books from leaders like James Dobson, Gary Smally, Gary Chapman….

Encouraged me to read…How to win friends & Influence People which led me directly TO the Bible.. the prologue said MANY of the principles had been taken straight from the


Mentoring His Way by Dr Roy Comstock
33 the series, meeting with men in general
Christian Men’s Books – Edwin Louis Cole. Christian Financial Resources by Larry Burkett
Their commitment and love for God
Mainly the Bible.
Navigators Scripture Memory
Master Life
Word of Life’s devotional journal booklet.
Evangelism Explosion, JD Kennedy “Why I Believe”
Personal stories of how others accepted Jesus as their personal savior.
Participating in a men’s weekly study group.
Berean Bible Collage home study coursework in the mid 1980’s
None …
First Fruits of Zion and their many resources. Now the weekly Torah Club, focuses on the Torah Readings and really unpacks that.
Many decades ago- Hershel Hobbs “Baptist Faith and Message”. Loved the little book.
Intergenerational Discipleship resources developed by Christian Service Brigade
It wasn’t a book. It was working side by side with a wise mentor. I was a brand new Christian and new to a church and they were building a parsonage. I was on the roof along with George putting on shingles. That was my classroom time with wise Christian mentors in my new community of believers. Those talk times were priceless.
Navigators 2:7 series, D James Kennedy’s Evangelism Explosion, Bill Gothard Seminars, and time with the family of believers!
Campus Crusade’s Discipleship series.
Praise and worship music. As a musician, being introduced to praising God through music was monumental to me, in growing closer to the Lord. God Bless.
Experiencing God
several books by various authors, but the best was a notebook my youth pastor put together and helped with spiritual disciplines.  another was a book titled “tallyho the fox” by Herb Hodges
John Eldridge’s “Wild at Heart”
1. Elijah House prayer ministry
2. Devine Design for Discipleship by Chad Craig. DDD is one of the most biblically sound books that just breaks down the word of God and then shows you how to apply it. Elijah House shows you your sins all the way even back to childhood and helps you pray for break through. And then there’s Watchmen Nee, awesome!!
Student ministry program at our church as a teen and the praise and worship program as a student at the Naval Academy.   After the death of my first wife, as a newly married team (Margena and I were both widowed) we lead a class for newlyweds at our church that became a strong fellowship group and we felt God’s leadership in our group.
Face to Face Conversation, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Bible classes/Study, Speakers/Conferences ,Podcasts such as “yours”, Man Up,Man in the Nirroe, Greg Laurie, Joel Osteen, Dr Voddie Baucham, Charles Stanley(In Touch),Daily Devotional(s),Personal Relationship(Orally/listening quietly)with Our Lord.
Finding someone to walk with such a mentor or even joining a small men’s group to help you grow and deal with the struggles all of us face.
Classes led by my senior pastor.
Promise Keepers
The Men’s Fraternity 33 Series
Multiple studies for men.
By example.  How they lived their lives.
Most recently, our pastor used the book, “Disciplines of a Godly Man” by R. Kent Hughes for a discipleship group.
Men’s Fraternity then 33 The Series
Design for Discipleship by Nav Press
Men’s group ministry and men’s retreats were very helpful
Consistent contact and social invites. Becoming a friend
Prayer, witnessing and serving others.
Billy Graham tracts and booklets.
Operation Timothy by CBMC Ministry
Soulcon/Gibborim Productions
Bible Studies
Accountability Worksheet
The book “The Measure of a Man” and the ministry of Ed Coles.
Time.  They gave me their time and poured their life into mine.
Discipleship tools.   Training from Institute of Basic Life Principles by Bill Gothard. Basic Life Seminar for 6 evenings, and Saturday July 1993.   Then, continued to Study Advance principles Seminar in Sept. 1993. my wife, actually went through the seminar in 1992.  Our entire family attended in 1993.  videos available.
In the mid-80s when I was in the service in Italy our pastor who went to Dallas Theological Seminary. Used overhead view graphs
Investing time to disciple and using several books on discipleship

What Verse or Passage Did You Read Today?

Psalm 76

John 20

Psalm 77

Exodus 12-15

Psalm 28:7

1 chapter of 2 Sam, a Psalm and a chapter of 1 Cor.

Colossians 3-4

Solomon chapter 3

Isaiah chapt 21

Acts 19:1-12

John 14:13-15

Psalms 28:7

The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him. Psalms 28:7 NIV

1 Cor:16

Reading through the Gospel of Matthew. Matthew 25:1-13

Isaiah 49 and Revelation 19 Using Robert Murray M’Cheyne’s annual reading plan

1 Peter 1:9-12

Nehemiah 8:4

Nehemiah 10 and 11, and Acts 4

John 16


Proverbs 17


Matthew and proverbs

Haggai 1 ,John 18:19-40 ,1cor.3, deut 1:26-46, ps107:23-43

Job 12, Proverbs 25-26 and Acts 10. Cannot start the day without time with the Lord first before everything else!

Mark 14: 1-9

Psalm 50 and 51

Reading the Bible through in a year chronologically and today I read Proverbs 27-29.

1 Samuel 20.


Proverbs 17

Job 1-3

I read Ephesians chapter 2

Joshua 24

Job 14: 1-2; Multiple Psalms chapters, Jeremiah 12, and Romans 12

1 Peter 3:10-22

Joshua 4:10-6:5

Song of Solomon 2:15-4:16

John 18:28-19:4

Psalm 27

With the lockdown I have added a third devotional to my morning reading here are today’s 3:

Psalm 68:4-5

Numbers 13:26-33

Leviticus 16:1-34

Isaiah 23-26

Colossians 3

Psalm 68

Psalm 77 and 78 selections

Proverbs 17 (my “Proverb a day”)

Luke 16:22

Matthew 17

Philippians 4:13 For I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

Luke 9:21-27

Psalm 91

Psalm 28

Psalms 32-33

Revelation 19 and 20

1st Timothy, chapters 4 & 5

Acts 17

Ezra 9:8-15

Psalm 19

Ps 28:7

Proverbs 2

1 Corinthians, chapters 5 & 6

The book of Galatians

5:13 Brethren are called into liberty, not as an opportunity for the flesh, but through LOVE serve one another.

Proverbs 13.

Exodus 12.

Eph 6 and John 3

Exodus 34:5-8, 29-30, Revelation 5:12-14

John chapters 1 and 2

Chapter 1-3 of Hebrews

Psalm 47

Zechariah 2

Luke 15

2 Corinthians 4:7-18

I Kings 17-19

Acts 3  &  Nehemiah 7-9

Gen 13

Ruth, chapter 1

1 Kings 2

Psalm 136

Proverbs 16

Rev 1

Proverbs 17

Ecclesiasties 2: 22 -26

i cor 11

James 1

Mathew 17:14-23

Mark 9:14-29

Luke 9:37-43

Parallel passages

Colossians 4

Psalm 13-14

Several, but the one that sticks out is – Be careful for nothing but in everything through prayer and petition with thanksgiving let you request be made known unto God.  Phil 4:6

Mark 4, 2 Samual 9&10, Daniel 5

2Thesalonians 1

Meditated on Psalm 28:7 for @ 20 minutes.

Joshua 2

Technically, I have read my bible within the last 24 hours. I tend to read at the end of my day.

Acts chapter 23-28.  I am grateful for Mike’s email note, because i had not read up to that point.  God bless you all!

Phil.2:14-15 Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe.

Leviticus 5 / James 4

Ephesians 2:11-22; Acts 12:6-19; and Psalm 89

2 Timothy 2

Ruth, Chapter 1

1 Thes 1, Psalms 117 and Proverbs 21-23

Gen 1-5

Portions of Ephesians, regarding grace

EXODUS 25-29

2 Peter 1

Ephesians 6

Psalm 119:89-138

Hebrews 13:15-16, Psalm 119:65-66, Both part of devotionals that i read daily

Psalm 68:4-5 first thing in morning and prayer time. Matthew 9:14-38 for my study.

Mark 14:1-9

Phil 4:13

Psalm 70

Mark 10

Psalm 17, Proverbs 17

Since 1977, shortly after I became a Christian, I have read thru the Bible almost every year. Today was the following: 2 Kings 22:1 – 24:20, Psalm 74:18-23, Proverbs 19:3, Acts 2:22-47. I also read Stand Firm. A monthly devotional published by Lifeway for men.

Prov 17, Ps 17,34,51,68,,85,117, 134 & 2 kings 12 & 13

Doing chronological study of the bible. In 2Kings and 2 Chronicles

Mark 12:30’31, Act 27

Hebrews 10:23-25

Eph 6:10-20

Neh Chapter 1-4

Psalms 139:23-24, Jeremiah 17:9, I Samuel 24:4-8, I John 1:9, Proverbs 17, Romans 3:23-24

Genesis 15: verse 1  After these things the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision, saying, Do not be afraid, Abram. [[I am your shield, [a]your exceedingly great reward.]] After recent notification that I need to take an extended hiatus from my job (with no end date in sight) this verse really encouraged me!

finished Ezra

Zechariah 13:2-6

Psalm 142. Janes 2

Numbers 13:1-15:41

I am doing a chronological study this year. I am currently reading in 2 Kings and 2 chronicle’s after the death of Solomon.

Psalm’s 25

Matthew 11:28-30 (verse of the week for the Every Man a Warrior study I’m in).

Mark 14

Psalm 40

Phil. 2

Colossians Ch 3


Luke 19

1 Samuel 11:1-11

Psalm 17, 47, 77, 107, 119:129-136, 137; Mark 14:1-9

Psalm 71

Matthew 27:45-66 ; Exodus 13-14 (Day 44 of Bible in one year with Nicky Gumbel)

Proverbs 17, 1 Ki 18:1-46, Acts 11:1-30, Ps 135:1-21

Rev 20

Psalms 122,123

Deuteronomy 23

Isaiah 50

Romans 8:28

Romans 1

Daniel 2

1 John 1

Ezekiel 7-12

Acts 4

Daniel 10 & 11

1 John 4

1John 2

John 8:12-59

Prov 18, Psalms 8-13, John 2, James 3

Ephesians 6:1-9; and Galatians 5:1-26


John 10

John 10:10-11

Matthew 6

Acts 2

John 18

PSA. 19:1-2….this was the verse of the day, then I read several more chapters.

Jeremiah 39:1 to 50:46

Mike Perkins

Bill Whitehurst

Charles Bias, Jr.

Gary Harley

Tyler Burkett

Dr. Melvin Wells

Barry Arnold

Daron Johnson

Mike Young, Sr.

Kevin Spence

Jerry Green

Derek Futrell

Pete Eklund

Bill Reichert

Michael Wright

Jeff McBee

Roger Cryan

Dan Scott

John Peters

Bishop Gerald O. Glenn

Billy Graham, Chuck Swindol

Earl Haima

My Dad


Donnie Shell

Pastor Bill Motley,

Father Houston was a father to me as a youth.

Dwayne Moore

My father

Gary Young, HS Football Coach, lead FCA at HS

Bill Clemmer (my dad)

Don Shirk

Pastor Phillip Mace

Bishop Ernest L. Moore, Jr.

Howard Dunmire

Randy Caldwell

Al Aikens

John Janney

My dad – Doug Jacks

Kenneth L. Clouse (also my earthly Father)

Don Solomon

Fred Spivey (deceased), former elder at my church

Harry Hanger

Paul Balthaser

Mike Young

Justin Wilson

Darrell Miller

Dr. Don Forrester

Leo Summers – spiritual mentor.

Pastor Gerald Martin

Bill Gothard

Deacon Paul Williams


Neal Spurgeon

Jay Martin

Trevor Price

Cliff Barnes

Randy Mc Collum

Now retired Pr. Richard Parke, McLean Bible Church

Bobby Spry

Larry Taylor

Michael Maye

Pastor John Hershman

My pastor, Dave Spate

Pastors RJ Parrot, and Christopher Parker

Larry Tallman

John Woodall, Thane & Mark Seager,

Bob Keller

Ken Foster

Dave Gustafson

Chris Spor

Dad, Chuck

David Fuller

Al Blackburn

David Lenti

Guy Hollaway

Dave Meschke – Navy Chaplain as I served w/ USMC

Earl Pope, Allen Halleck, Kent Spann

Dr. John Gustafson

Mike Camire

Neil Wheeler

David Argabright

Pastor Steve Stells, Hope Point Church

Pastor Dwight Jones

Steve Hall

Dave Owen

John Wolf

Rev Dave Busby

Mike Cauthorne

Harry Butler

Al Stever – Pastor

Dr. Alvin Francois.

Bishop Joel Nelson

Tony Fitzgerald

Ken Heaton…Christian mentor, brother, friend

Ben Phillips

Andrew Clark

Jim Booth

William Douglas

Jerry Walker

Michael Young

Geoff Hammond

Bob Seigle

Robert Mansfield Sr, Robert Ruff Jr. Whitney C.

Pastor Stuart Royall

Fred Tietze

Dave Pouchot

Phil Dietz

John Wesley Young. Jr.

Jack Bruckner!!!

Pastor Art Remington

Kevin Cummings

Mike Wingfield

Stan Parham

Jeff Wylde

John Blodgett

Phil Byars

Dave Hills

Jim Schroeder, passed

Rick Carlton

Mike Godek

John (Bo) Bohannon

Jim Foster

Ben Wood

Jim Haney

Dennis Craft

Guy Holloway

Tom Collins

Michael D. Hall

Dennis Lacheney

Eric Chandler

Jim Hamacher

Joseph White, James Reed

Pastor Bobby Scott, Pastor Steve Black, Pastor Ross, Mentored and discipled me.

Bob Keller

Jeff Marble

Trey Woody

Pastor Drew at Spotswood Baptist

Pastor Dennis Gray, Riva Trace Baptist Church in Annapolis, MD

Pastor Gary Long and Tim Hight, Main Street Baptist Church (now Grace Life) in Christiansburg, VA

Pastor John Bohannon at Water’s Edge Baptist Church in Clarksville, VA

Mr. Todd Massie, of Churchville, VA

Mr. Frank Owens, retired Florida.

Steve Macchia

Paul Borthwick

Gordon MacDonald

Pete Alwinson

Kevin Urichko

Pat Morley

David Delk

Chuck Stecker

Stan Grant

Pat Robertson

Joel Osteen

Barry Ecroyd

Randy Gilbert

Don Shirk

Charlie Ryan

Dick Merrill

Gerald Paine

Jon Roth

Jim Atkinson

Dave Broadhurst

Jeff Hackman

Larry Towne

Tom Eliff, Ted Tussey, Bill Asbury, Ken Mills, Larry Mason

Mark Jenkins

Mark DeCourcy

Doug Farmer

James Bean

Tom Pillar

Rick Leineweber

Jack Hill, former H.S. classmate who has spent career in the Navigators missions organization

Roger Box, former college classmate, now a pastor in the midwest

Russell Joyner, former pastor and bible teacher at West End A.G., Richmond, VA and Redeemer A.G., Goochland, VA

Shawn Stewart, former pastor at Life A.G., Goochland, VA

Doug Watson, current senior pastor at Harvest Renewal Church, Richmond, VA

Rifle Schutte, current teaching pastor at Harvest Renewal Church, Richmond, VA”

Eric Wallace

Jay Carey

Bobby Owensby

Bob Fitch

Larry Mason

Ed Carmichael

Wilson Shores

Bill Atkinson

Earl Taylor

Zack Zibenden

Mark Coffey

Eric Cowherd

Will Penell

John Morgan

Jack Tuck

Stephen Rountree

Sean Wayland

Jack Nelson

“Mike Duffy

Joe Bowman

Sam Laws

Tom Gensler

James Kelly

Michael Creed

Windell Knutson

Don Allen

Harry Boyle

Melvin Garner

Synott Mathews

Ron MacMullen

Kurt Skelly

“Pastor Kenton Slabaugh

Pastor Richard Landis

Bishop E.W. Jackson, Sr.

Pastor Jason Steffy

Pastor Erie Renno

Pastor Archie Callahan

Pastor Wally Sherbon, Jr.

H C Stafford

Pastor Shrewsbury

Tony Evans

Joe Gibbs

Charles Stanley

Paige Young

John Eure




“Stafford Braxton

Brian Forrester

John Johnson

Alphonse Lesene

Kevin Robinson

Anthony McMillan

Cornelius Sanders

Tom ???”

Joe Sandidge, Dr Bohanan, Chuck Lawless, Brian Autry, Andy Redford, Mike Young, Art Avent, Charles Maney

Vander Warner Jr.

“1) Childhood friend & retired Anglican priest Eric Cosentino.

2) Former Jews for Jesus missionary Peter Rice.

3) CJFM missionary Larry Dubin.

4) Disciplers Int’l founder/retired US Army chaplain Bart Physioc.

5) Thadd Buzan, former Pentagon Bible Study leader and fellow member, Burke Community Church.”

Art Hearne

Richard Horne

Mike Sparks

Steve Corts

Maybe YouTube videos from Ravi Zacharias/Francis Chan.

Bill Marshall

He’s my Pastor and Spiritual Father

My father, Harry Jones, Jr. RIP

Carl Roethke

Jack Jackson

Malachia Brantley

Allen M. Bryant

Henry Swoap

“Our associate pastor, David Friesen

My “”brother””, fitness, and life coach, James JuYong Kim

My ADEPT group: Art, Daniel, Ed, (me), and Thomas

Peter Kwonho Kim, associate pastor of Global Ministries Church in Calgary

Richard Enyimu, my accountability brother

Harry and Herb Maekelburger, who saved me out of my teenage depression.”

Mick Renfrow

Franklin Taylor

Pastor Joseph Owens

Bruce Campbell. Mike Minter, Jamie Jackson, Dan Darby, Dan Kraftson, Hayward Paul, Aubrey Ralph










Doug Birdsall

Bob Metcalf

Steve Hartman

David Dwight

David Singh

Tommy Thompson

Tom Barila

Kenney Grigg

Kevin Ledwith

Les Parkin

John Greene

Brian Roane

Bob Howel

Paul Smith

Rick Rahn

Bob Oller

Ron Ross

Charlie Heishman

Louis Rogerson

Preston Crowder

Art Avent

Warren Pruett

Monty Guice

John Hicks

Chris Moore

Jesse Royall

Geoff Gorsuch

Jack Diamond

Peter Riefler

George Tamer

Chuck Lawless

Brian Autry

Lou Lassiter

Shannon Harris, Greg Flowers, Jeremy Phillips, Remi Sojka, Jon Heaps, Garth Landis, Jesus Christ

Pastor Derik Jones

Clint Minnicks

Rodney Palmer

Dwight Mitchell

Stephan Hicks

Leon Pierce

Vernon Keen

George Joyner”

Garth Rosselll, the former dean of Gordon Conwell seminary who mentored me for more than two years

Charles Tapp Sr.

Rev. George E. Davis

Rev. Brian Frost

Steve Shankweiler

Skip Holtz

Steve Logan

Rev. Charles Young

My father

Dr R Paul Caudle

Rev Andy Goode

Charlie Gilmer

Rev Dick Bailey

Dr Rick Sharkey

Rev Steve Bradshaw

Dr David Medley

Pastor Fred Wyatt III

Lawrence Ball

Larry Butler

Wayne Mancari

Vander Warner

Rodney Young

Willie Winters

Mark Lubbock

Steve Miller

Bax Kegans

Ewart Forde

Bishop Wellington Boone

Pastor Stedman Reis

Pastor Albert Walker Jr.(Sr.)

Pastor Doug McMurry

Dr.John Perkins

Pastor Tim Kurtz

Henri Nouwen

Eugene Peterson

Frank Viola

Rodney Hopkins

Reggie Trotter

Kevin Barnes

Chris Nyadley

Steven Stells

Brian Autry, Derek Futrell, Chuck Lawless, Stan Harrison

Arthur Avent

Timothy Young

Don Hines

Darrel Cook

Wayne Webb

Cleston Watson

Vince Blubaugh

Drew Landry

Larry Black

Steve Bradshaw

Brian Autry

Mark Custalow

Roy Stewart

Ray Webster

Chaplain Gant

William Cash

Rob Mansfield

Richard Carroll

Randall Timm

Pastor Don Coleman

George Lorenzo

Cal Beisner

John Nettle

Chris Peeler

Jim Porter

Tom Redding

Geoff Smith

Dennis Wyman

Chaplain Carl Hawkins

My dad, Richard Harrison

My brother, Steve Harrison

Pastor Jerry Amstutz

Bible teacher, Dan Korver

Medical Dr. Gil Fisher

Pastor Bill Branch

Pastor Johnny Hunt

John Adams

GRANTLEY MARTELLY Dave Iverson Ray Carson Guy Hood Pastor Art Remington Pastor Dave Springer Pastor Zig Krueger

Don Shirk

Dwayne Moore

Pastor Felix Cheif

Rev. Theodore Edwards

Louis Beloney

John McBride McChesney Jr.

Robert Smith (dad)

Bill Steele III

Buddy Marston

T.D. Jakes (Indirectly; Though he doesn’t know)

Frank C. Weiss

Bishop Daniel Robertson

Edgar E Bradley

Michael Haddorff

Billy Byrd

Mike Young, Paul Chipman II, Allan Chipman, Mark-Anthony Chipman, Dr. Hayward Robinson, Pastor Hal Johnson and Barry Desaw, Dr. Martin Hawkins and Dr. Tony Evans, and George Floyd

Edgar E Bradley

Eugene E Bradley

Forest Shelton Fairley

Tim Wilcox

Jeff Williams

Steve Evan’s

Brent McConnell.

The Men of Choice Baptist Church

Lynn Bradley

Larry Havard

Alirio N (parent)

Bob Waugh

Bob Hunt

Mile Young

Jeff Marble

Bob Keller

Pastor Jeff Williams

Pastor Leon Edgman

Pastor Brian Hughes

James Doherty

Brian Doyle

Gary Wood

Rick Palin

Chris Nickerson

Ernie Truax

Dr. Alton Butler

Larry Holland

Dr. Geoff Hammond

Joe Tanner

Del Curtis

Dean Raynes

Kelly Padgett

Matt Lesniak

Bill Dillon

James Heyward

C.M. Pruitt

Jason Mueller

Phil Fuller

Jon Middendorf

Brian Shackelford

Steven Furtick (Indirectly; Though he doesn’t know)

Michael Todd (Indirectly; Though he doesn’t know)

Louie Giglio (Indirectly; Though he doesn’t know)

David Jeremiah (Indirectly; Though he doesn’t know)

Charles Stanley (Indirectly; Though he doesn’t know)

Craig Groeschel (Indirectly; Though he doesn’t know)

Ravi Zacharias (Indirectly; Though he doesn’t know)

Francis Chan (Indirectly; Though he doesn’t know)


1599 Geneva Bible

CEV – Contemporary English Version (2)

Christian Standard Bible (6)

Chronological Bible NIV


ESV but also NIV prior to 1986

NET (2)

New King James (44)

New Revised Standard Version


NKJV AND NASB equally often.

NRSV (3)

original languages

RSV – Revised Standard Version (2)

The Good News Bible

the new testament in modern English

The Passion Translation and Amplified

Covenant Eyes and ‘Wise Guys’ group.

Wife knows all passwords and is welcome in all my accounts and to use my phone or laptop at any time

My wife has all the passwords and I have incredibly limited access

Hard thing to do

At the moment i do not have any software on my phone, tablet or laptop. After being saved over 11 years ago and making lifestyle changes as i quickly grew spiritually, i rely on my faith and understanding of what God requires. Whenever i feel any slip or pending attach i turn back to God in prayer and discipline.

Don’t look. Also after 60 years old….

I have used Covenant Eyes for over 15 years. I also have 3 men who hold me accountable weekly.

we have all of each others passwords and sometimes sit and do online things together including looking at history to see if there is anything we need to revisit or unsubscribe to …..try not to have ANY secrets when it comes to accountability.

If soft porn/crazy pics show up I immediately try to think about the scars I have from the past and the desire not to add to them. That accompanied by the  thought that Jesus is better helps a lot!

Use Christianihomepage only with no ads. Open door policy when online.

Use covenant eyes on the computer which is also in an area my wife can see.  Also in community with other men where we can share struggles.

Pray before I go on line. When I know the site is bad don’t go.if i arrive at a sit that is bad turn away from it and leave. flag the sites as bad and tell others.

I have a filter, Picture of my family on the computer and phone, I don’t use anyone else’s devices

work has a scene in place and I let anyone check my history

Grab my bible or something devotional like.

This fits into my online “security” strategy – I quickly review superficial data in emails (the “tells”) and web site come-on’s to assess the risks of opening the email or web link. In my world, I assume that anything with sexual connotations in the subject lines, photos, or captions is likely to be unhealthily stimulating at best and ponographic at worst, and perhaps even dangerous to my computer’s security. Therefore, I don’t click on those — I leave the page or delete the email.

How about a system were internet access was defaulted to No access instead of free access. An individual must request access and go on public record that access to porn has been requested, verified and granted. I am willing to bet there would be dramatic decrease. However, this is not want people want

Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes

have a brother look at what you browse and be held accountable,

What would Jesus do?

My wife has complete access to my computer and phone with all passwords.

I have Covenant Eyes and/or Ever Accountable on all my devices. I am active in a Pure Desire group. I have developed an Escape Plan and a Recovery Action Plan.

Have a an accountability partner to check on you; daily if needed. Just click away when porn teasers come on a screen. Pray for the women in the porn teasers and ask that they come to know Christ. You cannot want to see a woman naked when you are praying for her.

I am not tempted in this area.

Holy Spirit of GOD & my computer is in my bedroom and my wife also shares it!

I avoid any pop-ups that appear potentially attractive or provocative.  Also I don’t visit websites that I shouldn’t be visiting!

My wife has access to all my phone and computers and is encouraged to review my texts, emails, and internet history.

The Holy Spirit. You don’t play in the dirt without getting it on you. You develop a taste for evil, unhealthy things. Porn is like the most addictive drug, much more powerful than tobacco, and alcohol. It will destroy the intimate relationship with a spouse or one you hope to have. It’s not worth the grief in will cause you, and the loss of relationship with Jesus. Run from it!

Men who have my permission to ask at any time.

Practical advice to myself. Be accountable to someone trustworthy. Isolation in our modern culture is just not enough to protect myself from online temptation. There is a direct correlation between how much time I spend reading my bible, and my ability and willingness to resist temptation.  Scripture reading and meditation on the Word of God is the only effective way to Let the Word of God dwell in you richly. My purity is dependent on this personal devotion. Truth is a value.

Repentence (mentinoa) – having a change of mind in what sin is and who God is.

Somewhat of a system. As things pop-up, delete the ads, and or emails immediately. Some ads and such you can stop showing up, by marking them.

I am part of a men’s group where we have accountability partners

But I do not look at any sites that start off with a picture of a female regardless of what it says.

I do have an internet filter for objectionable links that won’t load the site unless the filter is overridden

We use covenant eyes

Stay in the word. Read the word, meditation on the word and live the word.

Use Covenant Eyes software with a partner

I do have an accountability partner and have him to notify if I am drawn in

I have an accountability partner I contact if drawn in

My wife has access to my phone and computer as well as access to my email but that isn’t really a good strategy. Our pastor has a better one. Everyone in his household has parental controls on their devices so his wife can monitor his activities.

I trust in Jesus

I feel I don’t need one as I hate pornography of any kind…

I know great things about Covenant Eyes but due to circumstances and workplace policies, it doesn’t work for me. I have relational accountability with a handful of friends, varying levels of frequency and depth of conversation, with my wife, and have learned a lot and developed a strategy with my church’s Biblical Counselor. For me, online prevention is a way to prevent external acts of sin. So my wife and I have developed lots of logistics on how/when I use the computer at home.

Covenant Eyes is AWESOME! (Also a DNS which does not allow filth to come through) Lastly – Disney Circle at times.

Covenant Eyes – pluses – it is easy to squire and use. ONE caveat – without strong diligent partners seeing and giving a serious review of a report it is rendered unreliable and in some cases useless. after review if doubt is there make the call to the person you hold accountable. that is the only way CE is truly online accountability.

Still doing face to face

Filter on the search engine.

Stay in the word of God-the Bible. I believe God has the best plan for our sexuality and has our best interests in mind. I stay away from any questionable online activity, and avoid any “I’m curious” roaming. I don’t click on links I’m not familiar with- I don’t take the “click bait.” I immediately reject friend requests in Facebook from women I don’t know, and who has no common friends.

Ever Accountable and my group of guys in Samson who keep me accountable. Stay off computer when I’m alone. Call a friend if I’m going to be home alone.

Scanner – I still hear about it from her and the kids.

Chocolates…it gives her a migraine…who knew?

Pillows for the sofa in the family room. She’s never let me forget what a bad idea that was. I’m scarred.

Vacuum cleaner

A mop/vac for the kitchen. I was young and dumb.

A basket filled with an assortment of flours (not a misspelling)…bleached, enriched, whole wheat, etc.  I told the cashier of my plan when I bought them and she said “I hope you have a backup plan”!I definitely thought more of the idea than my wife did.

a kitchen utensil


I did not give my wife an apple watch because I was thinking about the high price only, but I had an apple watch.

When we just got married 44 years ago I gave cooking utensil gifts couple times & she did not like- inferring she needed to cook more  //now she loves cooking gifts // funny!

Anything she says she likes but when I buy it for her she says I did not say I wanted it.

A computer game – a Star Wars computer game.

A Stair Stepper

Pots and pans at our very first Christmas together.  (BTW – that gift is much better after many years together!)

Hedge trimmer – 36 inches long. Ended up being her favorite gardening tool. From worst to first Christmas to May shrubs!

Not being attentive to her needs!

Portable blender

A set of real pearls when she was one week late with our second child.  We could not really afford them and she was in a foul mood because the baby was late so she made me take them back. No good deed goes unpunished!

Deep freezer.

Anti-freeze recovery kit for car

I bought a ladder that I then used to repair the house.

A bowflex machine for Mother’s Day

Kitchen appliance.

Any gift. My wife wants to buy her own things.

An Iron, so she could do my shirts after she starched my collars… Have repented and asked fogiveness since…and have made restitution many time over the 47 years this December..I’m sooooo Blessed!!!

Nothing at all  because she said, don’t get me anything! Why did I listen to that suggestion!

mixer.   it didn’t go over well.

A sweatshirt that I forgot was a gift and she found it two years later still in the shopping bag…

I’m sure that somewhere along the way I gave her an appliance that probably didn’t get a great reaction. Worse are times when I probably should have given a gift and didn’t. I am thinking of giving her a set of men’s golf clubs with the rationale that I know how much joy she will get from seeing how much I enjoy them. What do you think?

I believe it was a mixer or some other appliance.  It was so long ago I have forgotten :-)!

One Christmas I did a last-minute shopping run and got her a dress that really wasn’t her style. She tried to be excited about it but couldn’t make it happen. She was very gracious though.

Vacuum Cleaner


Kitchen stuff

Her engagement ring while saying, “So, you going to marry me?” As she was walking to the bathroom.  Still have not made up for it.

A lawnmower

Really crappy used car.

Something to use around the house. Vacuum cleaner ect.

A new blender.

I jogged my wife’s memory and she reminded me that the precious gift was two over sized fleece shirts given to her in the first two years of our 30 year marriage. Apparently she managed to communicate her displeasure at the time as I’ve gotten better since then.

(Sorry, wife here) He’s never given me a bad gift! Thoughtful and generous – flowers, candy, dinner, and two cards (one serious & one funny).

vacuum cleaner

nothn one time! & flowers one time wen she was mad at me. Both while a was unSaved!

Some not so nice flowers

One year my wife and I decided to not exchange gifts for Christmas. We both upheld the agreement and it was the worst feeling in the world. I am a giver! I vowed that day that it would never happen again. She doesn’t have to gift me anything and I will be fine but, I will always gift her something.


vacuum cleaner

flannel PJ’s

No such thing.  No matter what, Rita is a great present opener.  I, on the other hand, not so much.  The best present I ever gave Rita was replacing an old light fixture she had been hating for years.  I wrapped up a lighting fixture catalog and said “Take your pick.”


One year I put together a very large basket of items ALL from the Dollar Store. It was all good stuff that she used, but that did not really matter.

I have never giving my wife a bad gift. 🙂 I did give her a picture of a dishwasher one time that she wanted and never got it for her. The best gift I give her, is me and I give that to her every year.



The same perfume that my ex-girlfriend used to wear.


I would always make a nice Sunday dinner for both my mother & mother-in-law on Mother’s Day. Then usually was too tired to enjoy the day myself. So one year when the kids were young they helped my husband plan a fancy picnic in the park for all of us. So all the moms had a nice lunch I didn’t have to work hard!!

The birth of my son.

I came home from a weekend away and found my son as he had just finished weeding, planted some flowers and mulched my front flower beds. I was so grateful for his time and thoughtfulness.

The most memorable Mother’s Day gift I ever received was last year. It was a beautiful bracelet from one of my “daughters” that read: You didn’t give me life. . . life gave me you. Love, Jennifer – My heart was full of love and joy!

A beautiful wooden bluebird house with a tin roof, handmade by my kids and husband. As much as I love the bird house, the real gift to me is the time and lessons given to my kids from my husband who has adopted them as his own.

Love my kids fixing lunch each year on Mother’s Day, best gift ever!!

Our daughter is a professional artist, and when she was a senior in high school she did a beautiful pen & ink drawing of a Momma bird in a nest watching as the baby bird leaves the nest. She gave that to me for Mother’s Day and I’ve treasured it.

Spend time with family being together no spending any money

Our second child was born on Mother’s Day!

Picnic lunch with my kids and husband…(because I didn’t have to plan or make the meal) HEEHEE!!!

My husband fixing a homemade meal, eating dinner together as a family, cleaning up the kitchen and going for a walk with me. Second best was buying a plane ticket for me to visit my family in another state.

Handmade cards & family time together

I know this sounds predictable, but last year, having my daughter and granddaughter here at our home was the best gift! (They serve on the mission field in Papua New Guinea!)

Homemade box with fingerprint flowers on the lid.  Love all my homemade items.

My husband was working overseas in Europe and had heard about a pretty pink bike that I was going to look at, he woke up 6 time zones early, called the bike shop and when I walked in the door they had it gifted and presented to me in front of the whole store telling the story of the lengths he went to surprise me!  I felt so special!!

Husband and daughter making me breakfast in bed and cleaning the house for me while I relaxed and did NOTHING.  🙂

Skydiving trip from my children.

A beautiful hanging basket and a watering can. I used that can for at least 20 years and smiled every time,  remembering how excited my young children were when they gave it to me.

Being a mom for a short 6 years, I would say my first gift of a necklace with my child’s birth stone. I do value now that my husband takes our boys shopping for something for me.

Pedicure and manicure

A picnic in my favorite park, and I didn’t think about 1 single detail!

My family taking me to see the new Marvel movie

the kids put together two flower pots with a variety of flowers for my front porch.

Taking me to eat my favorite meal- seafood!

A potted flower from my daughter.

not a bought gift but my first child born a week before Mother’s day in 1997

My little girl was born in mid-March, making her my best Mother’s day gift. I guess the most memorable thing is a ceramic watering “can”, about 31 years ago, which I still use.

Time…spent with my family enjoying each other laughing and encouraging and loving each other…time spent glorifying God by giving Him thanks for life and the beauty of Creation…acknowledging His love through our love for each other

Hand-written letter from son & husband

Activities with my family like visiting Luray Caverns or having a game night

A heartfelt note from my daughter.

Once I was really sick over Mother’s Day.  I couldn’t even get to church and Chris not only took care of me, but also brought me flowers too.  It was his care that made an impression on me.

Going to the Viking Festival. We have gone the past two years. Now due to COVID 19 we can’t go this year.

The gift of life. The one who made me a mother

My Daughter.

Breakfast in bed served by my children.

I received a handwritten, original, poem written about love

A day with the family participating in everything I love (hike or walk, gardening, boating, starting & finishing a special project) a day where I see their intentional efforts to give of themselves.

A song written by my eight year old daughter.

My daughter and I had a relaxing B&B weekend just kicking back and doing things we like to do.

YES = 83%   NO = 17%



All the kids are out of the house, I am a single empty nester!!!

Code Names

We love “Phase 10” card game.

Just one? Ticket to Ride or Colt express

Cards….Hand n’ Foot is a family favorite


rummikub with my wife – and as of now our COVID-19 challenge has me in the lead 9 – 8 woo-hoo


Five Crowns


500 Rummy Trivia Crack

Go fish

Dutch Blitz

Carcasonne. Board game. Build cities, roads, fields. Take them over to earn points. Lasts about 40 minutes. My boys love it.



Uno card game

Tenzi (with card expansion pack)

Cards and board games

Wii Sports (bowling)

With no one else in the empty nest but me and my hot girlfriend of 40 + years I really can’t share those games with you!

It depends on which games they are playing.

Sorry, Uno and Battle Ships.


Family time is a must in developing a strong family unit

Sorry/Uno/Banana Grams/Checkers

Nickel Down


Ticket to Ride & Cards (all kinds of games) are our favorites.

Board games (Clue), video games, etc

Five Crowns

Settlers of Catan



Five Crowns

Mexican Train



Ping Pong.


We have been playing the card game, Hand and Foot

Mexican train dominos

Settlers of Catan Hanabi Century: Spice Road, Catan, Dominion, etc.  Hard to name one.

We various card games such as spades, bid whist, Board games such as monopoly, sorry, etc. Also play chess, checkers, backgammon





Any card games, Monopoly, life


yes, checkers, dominoes, cards


I like playing UNO with the kids and Banana grams with my wife


hide and go seek.

We play GaGa Ball!

Mexican Train (a dominoes game)



Card game, called hand and foot



Card games and some board games.

Blokus, Chess, Dominies and card games

Catch Phrase


Trivia games.

Phase 10 is the wife’s and childrens’

Unfortunately I didn’t play many games when my my son was younger.  My wife’s family played games growing up but mine did not. I’ve enjoyed playing Life, snakes and ladders, and most simple games and puzzles

Uno!  We adjusted the rules to what we call cut throat Uno. Basically all the skips, reverses and draw two cards can b added until someone doesn’t have one.

Yes I play Monopoly with my 17 year old son he loves it and I love it that’s about the only time we get to spend together

Ticket to Ride, Qwirkle, Golf(card game), Wildlife Bingo, Pitch (card game)

Lots of card games. Spades is one of my favorites. I can remember playing Set Back with my grandfather 40 years ago.

Scavenger Hunts

Settlers of Catan


Ticket to ride

Phase 10




Started playing video games with my teenage boys.

Scavenger hunt with my grandson


Uno, Scamble, horse play

We like to play “Clue”

Quelf is a game we enjoy as a family. Lots of laughs.


Qwerkle, It is easy enough kids pick it up and challenging enough for the adults want to keep having a rematch.




Sorry, We added special cards to the deck to make the game more lively.




Axis & Allies Board Game



Daddy Grilled Cheese Sandwiches!


“From scratch” pizza. Every Friday night. Top it off with “from scratch” biscotti.

BBQ Ribs

Bacon Explosion


Steak (particularly Porterhouse)for sure!

Grilled salmon, turkey burgers, and marinated chicken.


Steak on the grill with hickory wood smoke. Medium to medium rare.  Porterhouse, t-bone, or ribeye steaks.

Spaghetti Sauce

Steak on the grill.

I do several things well, but i’d have to say my mesquite-marinaded, charcoal-mesquite wood smoked, barbecue chicken breasts.

Barbecued boneless chicken breasts (on the grill),  corn on the cob, salt potatoes and strawberry shortcake for dessert.


Boston butt on the rotisserie/grill


Italian dressing marinade bbq grilled chicken

Either something grilled or scrambled eggs with lots of fixins.

Breakfast omelette

Grilled shrimp with angel hair pasta (ingredients include: garlic (lots!), olive oil (lots!), fresh basil, fresh parsley, arugula, crushed red pepper, coarse-ground black pepper, white wine)

Reservations! Haha   Meat on the grill

I would say smoke bbq ribs

Rice and beans casserole

Pancakes w/crispy smoked bacon or Canadian bacon.  The pancake recipe came from my freshman year dorm cook — who had just come back from a tour in Vietnam and was trained by the Army.

Short ribs

Steak Dianne – tableside.

Breakfast-scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, oatmeal, fresh fruit and coffee.



Pork Butt BBQ over Charcoal Grill

Salmon steaks on the outdoor grill

Barbecue pork

Beef stroganoff


Swedish pancakes

Burgers & home cut fries!

Crab cakes

Pork and sauerkraut in a crockpot with some potatoes. Super easy and simple but really amazing. Of course, learnt it from my mom.

Florentine omelette or Omelettes in general

Smoked pull pork bbq

Ham and bean soup!!!

Anything BBQ

Ham and bean soup

Breakfast. Who says you can’t have breakfast for dinner?

My wife always asked for friend venison on her birthday and our anniversary. While it’s not the healthiest way to cook it we sure do enjoy some marinated deer steaks friend golden brown.

Shrimp scampi, a green salad, and Cheesecake with strawberries for dessert

7-Layer Bean Dip

My signature meal is steak with potato and veggies, steak medium well, baked potato and red and green veggies,

Steak on the grill bake potato and salad

tacos, rice, & beans

Burgers in the grill.

Breakfast: Western Omelet and Cheese Grits Lunch: A Mediterranean Turkey Sandwich Supper: Grilled Salmon

Imitation Chick-fil-a sandwiches from scratch.

London broil


Barbecue. Anything.

Grilled steak/chicken with peppers

Steak and baked potatoes of course. Salad only if I have to.

Grilled pork tenderloin

Nelson’s Golden-Glow style barbecued chicken


T bone steak, steamed broccoli, sweet potato, strawberry salad, cherry pie with vanilla ice cream

I don’t cook.

Cedar Plank Salmon

My daughter said something with the BBQ


Pancakes from scratch.  Virginia Hospitality Cookbook recipe!  It is da bomb!

Grilled steak.

Whole Tri-Tip roasted over wood with grilled potatoes/peppers.


Pork Sirloin!!!


French Toast

A hodgepodge of leftovers all mixed together.

Grilled steak and sides.

Grilled trout

I do most of the cooking for our family because it’s easier on my wife who is a nurse and usually has crazier schedules than her pastor husband (LOL). But, if I had to pick a “signature meal”, I guess it would be a simple ground beef and rice skillet dish with vegetables on the side — it’s quick, easy, & the kids love it.


pumpkin pie and Thanksgiving dinner

Chicken baked in soup broth with veggies over rice…

bbq chicken

Rice and beans


filet mignon, baked potato & asparagus


Lasagna, Biscotti

Fried chicken,  mashed potatoes and green beans.

Smoked meat and pinto beans.

Teriyaki flank steak, rice, and braised celery almandine.

Chicken Picata served over fresh baby spinach with brown rice cooked in half chicken stock and half Chardonnay (aged at least 6 years)seasoned with taragon and thyme.

Breakfast! Eggs and a variety of other meats in various ways.

Grilled Steak

Hot Dogs!

Anything on the grill!

Discada – Mexican dish

scrambled eggs

Shrimp scampi

Boxed cake mixes!    Got to have a few sweets Once in awhile

Applewood Smoked Boston Butt (aka pulled pork)


Smoked Boston Butt (bring on the BBQ), Alao Pizza on the grill (Chicken, Bacon Ranch)

Pan Fried Rainbow Trout w/asparagus and salad

Oatmeal slow cooked with milk not water, almonds not cooked in oil, flax seed or chia seeds, cinnamon, fruit of all types, tablespoon of greek yogurt. I gift this for “my bride” of 44 years each morning with hot coffee.

Hamburgers on the grille

Marconi and cheese, Bake beans, Buttered broccoli, Deep fried crispy chicken, Apple Pie topped with whip cream, Water

Protein pancakes, eggs and bacon.

Steaks on the grill

Wild caught salmon with glaze.



Pulled Pork with a side of my homemade potato salad!

Don’t cook I burn/ The grill is my thing.

Pumpkin soup!

Sloppy Joes

vegetable soup

Tuna Fish casserole

Filet mignon, green beans, and sweet potato


Country ham, sweet potatoes, and baby limas

Meat loaf, mash potatoes and green beans.

Chicken tetrazzini


Blueberry Pancakes

Tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich!


breakfast omelet.  2 eggs, Crumbled bacon, cheddar cheese, diced onions and peppers, salsa.

Buckwheat pancakes

Beans and franks.

Baked tilapia fillets with parmesan cheese and other ingredients.

Homemade guacamole.

Steak and potatoes

Sausage Balls


Smoke baby back ribs


Charcoal grilled hamburgers

Wings on the grill with home made French fries

Grilled burgers

Cabbage and greens


Grilled steak

I make a mean southwest corn salad, I grill amazing ribs and steaks. My spaghetti squash spaghetti is also on point.

Grilling anything

Things from my smoker or the grill.

Steak 2bake potatoes and salad


Breakfast, authentic swedish crapes, home made thick burgers. I know you asked for one it would be my farm fresh breakfast

Growing up in Louisiana, we had Gumbo every Christmas Eve.  I have carried on the tradition and would have to say that it would be Gumbo.


I make a mean chili. Ground beef, dark red kidney beans, crushed tomatoes, chopped green peppers, and spices. I usually make a big pot to last several meals.

Casserole, Italian style


Ribeye steak with baked potato, baked beans, and corn on the cob. Steak and corn cooked on the grill

Fresh ingredients.


Turkey Burgers!!!

an egg dish

Pulled pork



Hamburger Helper.

Lobster and Steak with fixin’s.

Smoke butt !! It is awesome !!!

Anything on the grill!

Fettuccine Alfredo

Grilled filet mignon


Grilled chicken.

Asian noodles



3 course meal… 1. Hot Dogs 2. Macaroni 3. And Cheese… Christmas-Strawberry Crepes!!!!!!!

Fried eggs!

Flat iron steak mushrooms and onions.

grilled steaks

Beer can chicken on the grill!

Ribeye steaks on the pellet grill

Striper nuggets, I cut up chunks of Striped Bass or Rock fish and fry them

Grilled pork ribs

Potato Skins

Start with placing tin foiled low flat pan on grill ,  pieces of steak, onions, green and red peppers, sausage links cut up in pieces, red eye potatoes, baby corn, squash , small carrots, shrimp , 1 stick of butter, some hot powder lightly sprinkled ,, cook low temp for about 1 1/2 hours ,, turn every 15 minutes,, can pile it up as cooking, enjoy

Chicken curry sauce over rice.

Pickled Chicken on the grill!!!   Yum Yum!!!

My one special meal is pasta with ground turkey. It’s almost like hamburger helper but made from scratch.

crab cakes

Fried Potatoes

Chili with 3 kinds of beans

Turkey,vegetable macaroni with four different cheese and homemade tomato sauce

Steak and baked potato


Home made spaghetti sauce.