Christen Campbell

Christen McKey

Christen is the Communication Gal and helps out with various aspects of communication, social media, administration, and the conferences.

She has a passion for families, and through her own experiences, has seen firsthand the great need for the ministry of Noble Warriors. The impact of men’s discipleship can literally change everything for a family and she is grateful that God has allowed her this opportunity to serve. Christen enjoys camping and playing outdoors with her two kids (a friendly curly-red-headed daughter and an energetic Noble Warrior in training), as well as photography, running, reading, DIY projects, baking, traveling and French Press coffee.

Fun Facts About Christen

  • I am part pig. After having a large tumor removed, I ended up with pig parts where my left ab muscles used to be.
  • Mayfield’s Moose Tracks is my favorite ice cream.
  • My favorite pizza toppings are pineapple and bacon. (I may be part pig. But I still eat bacon.)
  • My first car was my dad’s old Ford Ranger.
  • I have always loved stories of survival, and would love to dine with Corrie ten Boom. She not only survived the unimaginable, she was a light in such darkness, leaving a legacy of incredible faith and devotion to helping others.